November 05, 2021

Lincoln Hilton publishes 345-page hard-bound collection

Lincoln Hilton, one of the world’s most popular Highland piping creator/performers, has launched ‘Ceòl Beag for the Great Highland Bagpipe Volume 1, a massive 345-page hardbound collection of every one of his compositions, complete with full harmony arrangements in clever new notation.

Priced at US$95 plus shipping, the collection comprises the Melbourne, Australia-based Hilton’s works from the last decade, the lion’s share being jigs, hornpipes and suites, but also with “a touch of tradition including over 59 marches, strathspey and reels; 26 of them being competition style pieces,” Hilton said in a statement.

His extensive harmony arrangements are colour-coded with the melody line for better accessibility, avoiding successive separate notations typically found in other collections, keeping the size of the large book manageable.

With many of his compositions featuring unconventional technique, Hilton includes a guide on how to execute the movements.

Lincoln Hilton is known as much for his spectacularly-produced videos as for the creativity of his compositions and arrangements and, true to form, has created a promotional video for the book.

Commentary from Hilton accompanies each piece, expanding on the inspiration and meaning of the tunes and suites.

“I’ve always believed music connects us. We experience and feel through melodies even if we don’t speak the same languages,” Hilton said. “It’s been two years that I’ve been working on this book and I really just hope it shows others that something as simple as a gift on your birthday can change your path and take you on a new journey. Everyone starts somewhere and this is the first time I’ve opened up with some of the stories on what made me the piper and person I am today. If one new composer is inspired by any of my music in my book or they gain enough confidence to put their music out there, then that’s all you can ask for as a musician.”

Still in his twenties, Hilton has gained the respect of top-tier pipers and bands around the world, as well as accomplished composers like R.S. MacDonald and Chris Armstrong, the latter saying, “The tunes are highly original, extremely good fun to play, and every page turn results in yet more piqued interest. Lincoln is a testament to pushing the boundaries of what our instrument can do.”

The book is available from Hilton’s “Modern Piping” website, with limited edition signed copies available (US$115), and first orders are expected to reach customers in January 2022.







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