August 31, 2011

Montreal puts bands on stage

Montreal – July 31, 2011 – The Montreal Highland Games took place in hot, sunny conditions, and with a good entry of bands in all grades. Organized this year by the fledgling Quebec Society of Pipers & Drummers, the games  had the bands play in concert formation on a stage, with the judges placed at a table in front. There were bleachers for the spectators, and many seemed to enjoy this format, although drummers commented that it was hard to hear themselves clearly.As always, the Montreal tent lived up to expectations as one of the most enjoyable, including performances by the Celtic/pipes group The Mudmen.


Grade 2
1st New Westminster Police
2nd City of Regina
3rd Fredericton Society of St Andrews

Grade 3
1st Edmonton & District
2nd Atlanta
3rd MacMillan

Grade 4
1st College of Piping
2nd Niagara Regional Police
3rd 12/14 Wing RCAF

Grade 5
1st Dofasco
2nd Glengarry
3rd College of Piping

Judges for all events were: Bob Worrall, Ken Eller, Craig Stewart and Bruce Gandy.


  1. From this performer’s perspective, the stage format was fine, and should be nothing new for any band that has ever done a concert. But acoustically the stage was a box; the roof and side walls bottled up the sound so we pipers were near-deafened by the drums behind us. If it were a simple platform with risers and a backdrop (e.g., no roof or walls) it would have been better.

  2. It was very tough to hear anything clearly. The drum sound was bouncing all over the place and you had to watch the LD like a hawk and just hope the sound was not getting too thick. Certainly less than ideal conditions when being judged on clean playing but perhaps better for the public watching the event. The stage setup needs a bit of a rethink to improve the sound situation for the performers.



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