September 04, 2017

North Stratton returns to win Pleasanton day 2

Pleasanton, California – September 3, 2017 – North Stratton of Edmonton, Alberta, returned to win the second day at the annual Scottish Highland Gathering & Games to win the second day of competition in Grade 2. After the thermometer hit 44 degrees (111 Fahrenheit) on Saturday, conditions returned to a more manageable level. One band’s chanter pitch at the Saturday contest was measured at an alarming 496Hz. Of note, North Stratton won the day despite not gaining a first from any of the four judges. The Cameron Highlanders had two firsts in piping with only seven pipers on the field, juxtaposed North Stratton’s pipe section of 15.

North Stratton also won the Grade 2 MSR contest the day before.

+ North Stratton roasting hot at Pleasanton

Grade 2 (medley)
1st North Stratton (2,2,4,2)
2nd Portland Metro (4,4,2,1)
3rd Prince Charles (3,3,3,3)
4th Cameron Highlanders (1,1,6,5)
5th Great Lakes (5,6,1,6)
6th Wasatch & District (6,5,5,6)
7th Irish Pipers of San Francisco (Gr3) (7,7,7,7)
Judges: Sean Somers, John Cairns (piping); Jim Sim (drumming); Ken Eller (ensemble)

Grade 3
1st Pasadena Scots
2nd Kevin R. Blandford Memorial
3rd Glengarry

Grade 4
1st Edmonton & District

pipes|drums briefly posted a report with an incorrect Grade 2 result. We apologize for the error.




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