September 03, 2017

North Stratton roasting hot at Pleasanton

Pleasanton, California – September 2, 2017 – Edmonton, Alberta’s North Stratton enjoyed a convincing victory in the six-band Grade 2 competition in the first day of the 152nd annual Scottish Highland Gathering & Games at Pleasanton. It was an all-time-record-setting day of temperatures rising to 44 degrees (111 Fahrenheit), making wearing lots of thick wool an unpleasant challenge.

North Stratton in Glasgow, August 2017.

Grade 2 (MSR)
1st North Stratton (1,1,3,1)
2nd Prince Charles (2,2,4,3)
3rd Portland Metro (3,6,1,2)
4th Wasatch & District (ens.pref.) (4,3,5,5)
5th Great Lakes (ens.pref.) (5,4,2,6)
6th Cameron Highlanders (6,5,6,4)
Judges: Terry Tully, Bruce Woodley (piping); Scott Fletcher (drumming); Scot Walker (ensemble)

Grade 3
1st Kevin R. Blandford Memorial
2nd Glengarry
3rd Pasadena Scots

Grade 4
1st Edmonton & District

Grade 5
1st Sacramento Fire Fighters




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