September 10, 2015

North Stratton takes both days of Alberta weekend

Calgary & Canmore, Alberta, Canada – September 5-6, 2015 The last weekend to close out the competition season in Western Canada at the Calgary and Canmore Highland Games proved to be cold and wet this past long weekend. Calgary Highland Games was drenched in a steady downpour, with organizers taking the unusual route of moving all solos indoors in the morning. Bands were outside in a steady drizzle in the afternoon, and all the bands earned a hearty cheer from the umbrella-covered spectators. Results were announced from the beer tent area and massed bands were cancelled. Canmore, the next day, featured its usual beautiful scenery, and slightly warmer temperatures than the previous day and no rain. Temperatures made low-double-digits in the afternoon. The Grade 2 North Stratton Pipe Band of Edmonton, Alberta, won each day on ensemble preference over Rocky Mountain.

Rocky Mountain in front of a rocky mountain in the Rocky Mountains at Canmore Highland Games.

Calgary Highland Games

Grade 2 (MSR, two competed) 
1st North Stratton (2,1,2,1) (EP)
2nd Rocky Mountain (1,2,1,2)

Grade 3 (medley, one played)
1st Odgen Legion

Grade 4
(march medley, two competed)
1st Edmonton Youth (1,1,1,1)
2nd Edmonton & District (2,2,2,2)

Grade 5
(march medley, four competed)
1st Ogden Legion (1,2,2,1)
2nd 78th Fraser Highlanders (2,1,1,2)
3rd Scottish Tradition School of Piping (3,3,3,3)
4th Alberta Firefighters (4,4,4,4)

Band judges for the senior circles were: Alan Bevan, Graham Davidson (piping); John Fisher (drumming); Iain MacDonald (ensemble)

Solo Piping

1st Ann Gray
2nd John Lee
3rd Andrew Smith
Judge: Alan Bevan

1st John Lee
2nd Ann Gray
3rd Stewart Smith
Judge: Iain MacDonald

1st Stewart Smith
2nd John Lee
3rd Ann Gray
Judge: Graham Davidson

Professional Snare Drumming

1st Elizabeth Shaw
2nd Bill Saul
3rd Michael Hansen
Judge: John Fisher

Hornpipe & Jig 
1st Elizabeth Shaw
2nd Bill Saul
3rd Michael Hansen
Judge: Scott Robertson



  1. Thanks for that. It’s the best photo we received and the only photo from the Grade 2 event. Feel free to send one next time. A true fail is the crappy misuse of the word “alliteration.” Thanks for reading.



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