March 17, 2020

Now for some good news . . . World Online Solo Piping & Drumming Championships returns

In the midst of the deluge of piping and drumming world event cancellations, COVID-19 complications and questionable association decisions, Jori Chisholm of Seattle has resurrected the World Online Solo Piping & Drumming Championships after a hiatus of seven years.

“I’d already been making plans to bring it back this year, and now the current situation makes it clear to me that now is the right time to come together as a community of pipers and drummers,” Chisholm said. “I’m pleased that a portion of each entry fee will be donated to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund.”

The competition was last held in 2013, with entries coming from around the world, competing to a judging panel also connected online. Competitors submitted videos of their performances, the judging panel ranked them and provided detailed feedback to contestants. Chisholm said that the videos has subsequently been viewed “hundreds of thousands of times.”

“Several years ago, I asked myself, ‘How can I expand the opportunity for pipers to enjoy and learn from playing in competitions, without the expense and complications of travel?'” Chisholm added. “The result was the world’s first online bagpipe competition.”

The website for the contest has been setup and open for entries. Contestants choose their grade level and events.

“Like a regular competition, you will practice and prepare to give your very best performance,” Chisholm said. “However, instead of traveling somewhere to play live for a judge and audience, you’ll record your tunes at home. You can take as many tries as you need to record your performance until you feel that you’ve played your best.”

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund is the apt charitable cause selected for the event, and further details of judges, sponsors and other details are to come.

“Things will be different for a while, but with some creativity, we can find ways to continue to enjoy playing our instruments while connecting with and serving our community and the world around us. So, let’s keep doing what we love to do: playing our music, sharing it with the world, keeping our spirits high, and showing that together we can make a positive difference in the world,” Chisholm concluded.

Jori Chisholm is the owner of, and is a full-time piping teacher and performer. He has emerged in the last few years as one of the world’s top innovators of products for pipers, including the popular Tone Protector humidity control device. [Disclosure: is an advertiser with pipes|drums.]



Piping and drumming. Now, more than ever.
March 16, 2020








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