September 11, 2021

More than 400 come out to listen to piobaireachd recital

The British Columbia Pipers Association returned to action on September 3rd at ScotFestBC: the British Columbia Highland Games not with competitions, but a piobaireachd recital attended by more than 400 at LaFarge Lake Park in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

The TD Community Plaza at Lafarge Lake Park, site of the “Am Piobaire Ceithir” (“The Four Pipers”) piobaireachd recital. [Photo ScotFestBC]
The recital featured Professional-grade pipers Alan Bevan, Zephan Knichel, Alastair Lee and Jack Lee, with Shaunna Hilder hosting the evening, introducing the players and discussing the artform.

“Am Piobaire Ceithir” (“The Four Pipers”) was free to all and held at the amphitheatre at Town Centre Park on a warm and sunny evening.

Alastair Lee performing at ScotFestBC. [Photo ScotFestBC]
At the end of the event, the four recitalists led a march to the beer tent to kick off the rest of the night.

It marked the second in-person piping and drumming event in British Columbia since the pandemic set in in March 2020 with the cancellation of the BCPA’s Annual Gathering, the first significant event in the world to be called off. At the time, most expected lockdowns to finish in a matter of weeks, and few if any thought it would last 18 months and more.

Zephan Knichel plays piobaireachd to a rapt crowd in Coquitlam, BC. [Photo ScotFestBC]
The Campbell River Highland Gathering was held in Campbell River, British Columbia, on August 7th. Both Campbell River and the British Columbia Highland Games held only a few lightly entered solo events and no band competitions.

The BC Highland Games launched the Friday evening public piobaireachd competition at the same venue in 2018, attracting only a handful of curious music lovers.







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