May 31, 2011

Peel, 78FH split Alma; Chicago out of the Grade 1 gate strong

Alma, Michigan – May 28-29, 2011 – The United States Pipe Band Championship was won on the Sunday by the Peel Regional Police, and the Saturday Medley event went to the 78th Fraser Highlanders, but the big discussion of the Alma Highland Festival was the City of Chicago Pipe Band making its debut in a Grade 1 competition and finishing second in the Sunday MSR with two firsts in piping. The event was also the first for the 78th Fraser Highlanders under Pipe-Major Doug MacRae. Weather was damp and cold in the morning but warming by afternoon on the Saturday, but heavy rain and thunder, which came right after the Grade 1 band contest finished, forced the Sunday massed bands to be canceled.

Grade 1
Medley (three competed)
1st 78th Fraser Highlanders (2,2,1,1)
2nd Peel Regional Police (1,1,2,2,)
3rd City of Chicago (3,3,3,3)

Judges: Barry Conway, Ron Rollo (piping); Hugh Cameron (drumming); Iain Macey (ensemble)

MSR (three competed)
1st Peel Regional Police (2,2,1,2)
2nd City of Chicago (1,1,2,3)
3rd 78th Fraser Highlanders (3,3,3,1)

Best Bass: Peel

Judges: Barry Conway, Ron Rollo (piping); Hugh Cameron (drumming); Iain Macey (ensemble)




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