August 10, 2014

Piping Live! 2014 – p|d’s daily picks for what to hit

WorldChampionshipsSaturday, August 16
A great day to hit the Barras, or a wee trip to Iona, since there’s not much else going on . . . Just kidding. If you’re not at the World’s, you’re gravely ill, and we wish you a speedy recovery. For most, it’s squeaky bum time!

If you haven’t already, be sure to submit your entry for our 2014 Pick The Six contest for your chance to win $2,500 in prizes!

The thing is, Piping Live! is an awesome week for all. Even if you haven’t an extra 10p to rub together, there are so many free – FREE! – events to take in at the Street Café, the College of Piping, around and about the streets of Gleska, that it’s truly an embarrassment of riches.

pipes|drums will be reporting from the events each day, as we always do, with text and video from what we can get to, which will be a lot.







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