November 13, 2016

PPBSO increases pro solo prizes, defines distance

The membership of the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario at its annual general meeting in Brantford, Ontario, defeated a proposal to expand amateur solo piping competitions to include new categories for competitors older than 40, while it passed various other smaller changes, including a defined distance from the starting line to the circle in pipe band competitions.

The standardized distance will be 14 metres from the starting line to the centre of the circle. Previously, distances could vary substantially, adding a variable to bands’ performances.

Also passed was a motion to ensure that latter prizes in solo competitions would actually have monetary awards, as well as a call for the PPBSO to match amounts provided by the games organizers. While the association generally awards fourth, fifth and sixth prizes in professional events, there has been no actual money. The new rule will see the PPBSO not only pick up the tab for new latter prizes “proportionate to [those] awarded for higher places,” but now also have to match the amounts awarded for the higher prizes.

A motion that called for the PPBSO to publish minutes of meetings of its board of directors and various committees, as well as a President’s message / State of the Society Report, on its website was also carried by the usual small turnout of about 50 members.

All of the motions deliberated on were proposed by the PPBSO’s Ottawa Branch.

The organization also re-elected Charlie MacDonald and Michele Curtis to two-year terms as vice-president and secretary, respectively.

The meeting, held at the Best Western hotel, was followed in the evening with the PPBSO annual Highland Gala, where winners of its 2016 aggregate Champion Supreme Awards were presented with trophies, and winning pipe bands in each grade performed.

The PPBSO is the world’s second-largest organization by individual members with about 1,200. The Eastern United States Pipe Band Association is the world’s largest with about 1,500. The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association’s represents bands as entities and not individuals, but the number of pipers and drummers under the umbrella of the RSPBA is the largest worldwide.





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