April 02, 2024

Queensland’s St. Andrews wins MacLean Highland Gathering

MacLean, New South Wales, Australia – March 30-31, 2024 – St. Andrews of Queensland was the big winner at the 119th MacLean Highland Gathering at the MacLean showgrounds in the small Scottish-heritage town of Maclean in Northern New South Wales, one of the largest gatherings in Australia. It was a full weekend of pipe band and solo piping competitions, Highland dancing, heavy events and a famous street ceilidh.

A field of 19 competed in the A-Grade solo piping contests, making it one of the largest solo events in Australia. Liam Nicolson won the top prize in the Piobaireachd competition, and Jack Watson won the overall trophy. The aggregate prize is based on a 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 3 points, and 3rd = 1 point system.

Grade 2
1st St. Andrews (Queensland)
2nd Emmanuel College Highlanders at University of Queensland
3rd The Pipeband Club

Piping judge Glenn Brown assesses St. Andrews of Queensland at the MacLean Highland Games.

Grade 3
1st City of Ipswich No. 1
2nd Brisbane Boys College No. 1
3rd BBC Old Collegians

Grade 4A
1st Brisbane Boys College No. 1
2nd City of Brisbane No. 1
3rd City of Ipswich No. 2

Grade 4B
1st Queensland Police Juvenile
2nd Queensland Irish Association
3rd MacLean & District

Novice Juvenile B
1st Queensland Police Juvenile
2nd Brisbane Boys College No. 2

Solo Piping
1st Liam Nicolson, “Lament for the Children”
2nd Jamie Hawke
3rd Jack Watson

1st Jack Watson
2nd Jamie Hawke
3rd Andrew Roach

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Craig Sked
2nd Liam Docherty
3rd Jamie Hawke

Judges on the day: Garry Barker, Glenn Brown, Joe Fleming, David Gray, Tom McGirr, Donald McPhee, Brian Switala, and Sam Young.

Note: The original article published Jamie Hawke as the aggregate winner in the A-Grade solo piping, when, in fact, Jack Watson took the prize.






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