May 31, 2011

R.U. Gold? Campbell is at Brown medal event

Adelaide, Australia – May 9, 2011 – Some 96 pipers participated in the 10 events at the annual R.U. Brown Gold Medal Competitions, and Ross Campbell won the big prize. The event is put on by the R.U. Brown Piobaireachd Society of Australia.

Gold Medal
1st Ross Campbell
2nd Brett Tidswell
3rd Stuart Easton
4th Jonathon Quay
5th Jamie Hawke

Judges: Jim Smith, Wallace, Sam Young

Silver Medal
1st Tam McGirr
2nd Katie Lawton
3rd Meg Drinan
4th Kaz Takehara
5th Adam Wishart

Bronze Medal
1st Robert Wilkinson
2nd Jeremy Tran
3rd Kirby Douglas
4th Liam Salter
5th Stuart Curnow

Merv Hall Medal (Novice)
1st Michaela Doecke
2nd Rylie Douglas
3rd Jeremiah Doecke
4th Stuart Curnow
5th Alex Lolev

Light Music
A Grade (Open)
1st Stuart Easton
2nd Marion Horsburgh
3rd Jamie Hawke
4th Mark McKenzie
5th Robert Gibb

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Stuart Easton
2nd Robert Gibb
3rd Tam McGirr
4th Matthew Supranowicz
5th Andrew Fuller

B Grade (Intermediate)
1st Katie Lawton
2nd Adam Wishart
3rd Craig McKenzie
4th Meg Drinan
5th Lewis Hayward

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Miranda Boath
2nd Adam Wishart
3rd Katie Lawton
4th Lewis Hayward
5th William Butterfield-Rossi

C Grade (Sub Intermediate)
1st Lewis Hayward
2nd Jeremiah Doecke
3rd Michaela Doecke
4th Kirby Douglas
5th Seb Mignot

D Grade (Elementary)
1st Michaela Doecke
2nd Kyle Watson
3rd Alexandra Culver
4th Jeremiah Doecke
5th Amelia Chandra


  1. Congratulations Ross! Having worked with Ross for many years when I was teaching drumming at Scotch College, Melbourne, I can add that this prize could scarcely go to a more dedicated piobairechd devotee. I know Ross has won it previously in 1986, 1992 and 2003 (at least), as well as other placings along the way, and now 2011. So he’s apparently just managed a win in each of four decades; some achievement indeed. Well done! — Stephen Matthews

  2. A further point of trivia: Ross’ bagpipe is a silver and ivory set that belonged to one of the members of the Australian Ladies’ Pipe Band that toured Britain in 1926 and racked up a significant number of world firsts at that time.



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