May 30, 2022

RSPBA finds new Chief Executive designate

The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association has designated Colin Mulhern as its next Chief Executive after two years of searching and one failed appointment.

Mulhern was announced at the organization’s April 23rd board of directors’ meeting by President George Ussher, noted in the minutes released on May 29th as “The President introduced C Mulhern to the members of the Board, who had just completed his first week in Headquarters following his acceptance of the role of CEO designate.”

According to those present at the meeting, Mulhern made no comments at the meeting and to date no details have been provided about him.

“There was a very brief introduction, but he didn’t actually speak. That was it,” said one person who attended the meeting, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“I don’t know him. This was all done in secrecy,” said another RSPBA insider, also asking that their name not be used.

The Victorian era RSPBA headquarters at 45 Washington Street, Glasgow.

Mulhern is the second person designated to the role after a lengthy search to replace incumbent Ian Embelton, who announced his intention to resign in September 2020 after 19 years in the role. The search process was prolonged by the pandemic, and Embelton agreed to stick around.

The association announced the designation of Alison Burke to the job in December 2021, only to see Burke walk away from the post before her probationary period was over, Embelton again stepping back into the role.

As with most corporations, the chief executive reports to the board of directors. The RSPBA’s board comprises elected representatives from the organizations branches across the UK. The chief executive role is largely administrative, managing the staff at the organization’s 45 Washington Street, Glasgow, headquarters. The salary for the position in 2020 was £50,404, or about CAD$81,000 / USD$64,000.

A request to Embelton and RSPBA board chair Kevin Reilly for more details and information on Mulhern have so far gone unanswered and unacknowledged.





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