March 30, 2015

Rudolph pockets 100 Guineas

Johannesburg, South Africa – March 29, 2015 – The 100 Guineas Solo Piping Competition was held at the View in Parktown, the 57th annual event, which is considered the premier solo piping contest of the Scottish Piping Society of the Witwatersrand. The competition is in memory of Lachlan Milloy Miller, with the main prize then of 100 Guineas. Past winners have included George Ackroyd, James Young and Norman Dodds.

Gareth Rudolph was the overall winner of the Senior section, while Malcolm Chadwick picked up the same award in the Junior section.

Gareth Rudolph (right) accepts the 100 Guineas Senior trophy from the president of the Scottish Piping Society of the Witwatersrand, Grant Laidlaw.




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