September 09, 2022

Sarah MacKinnon: 2022 pipes|drums’ Pick The Six winner!

Sarah MacKinnon just after she learned she is the winner of the 2022 pipes|drums’ Pick The Six contest.

One might assume that, after close to 3,000 entries from our faithful readers for pipes|drums’ 2022 Pick The Six contest, that several might get their prediction for the Grade 1 prize list at the World Championships exactly right.

Well, you’d assume wrong.

Ultimately, only Sarah MacKinnon of Barrie, Ontario, got the list bang-on, and is now the recipient of almost $6,000 (£4,000) worth of terrific products and services contributed by our wonderful advertisers!

We had a tough time tracking down Sarah, as her work took her to an undisclosed location that apparently doesn’t have very good internet access. But we finally found Sarah to inform her of her perfect winning entry.

She’s a piper and said she’s “very excited to win,” and her husband is also a piper, so he will no doubt also enjoy the bounty.

Many, many folks got the first three prize-winners correct: Field Marshal Montgomery, Inveraray & District and ScottishPower. But it was fourth, fifth and sixth prize-winners that threw almost everyone for a loop: St. Laurence O’Toole, Peoples Ford Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia, and Simon Fraser University.

Congratulations to Sarah MacKinnon, and our thanks to all who entered the 2022 Pick The Six, a hearty well done to all the prize-winning bands, and our gratitude goes to all advertisers who pitched in to make this our biggest contest ever!

Here again is the list of all the goodies that Sarah will enjoy:

  • Inner Circle Membership gives the winner one year of exclusive access to the online library with hundreds of videos, tunes, lessons, and courses on nearly every piping topic AND weekly live online video group classes with Jori Chisholm and World Champion Guest Instructors.  All live classes are recorded to watch anytime, anywhere. Retail value: $540 (£348).
  • Perfect Angle Blowpipe Positioner Keeps your blowpipe securely at the perfect angle, for ideal posture, optimal ergonomics, greatest stamina and most overall comfort. Retail value: $51 (£31).
  • Tone Protector Exclusive Deluxe Bundle
    • Tone Protector: Digital Chanter Cap With Two-way Humidity Control. Retail value: $90 (£58).
    • Tone Protector Reed Case: Digital Chanter Cap With Two-way Humidity Control. Retail value: $64 (£41.50).
    • Bagpipe Gauge. Retail value: $128 (£83).
    • Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker. Retail value: $45 (£29).
    • Piper’s Advantage Bagpipe Phone Mount. Retail value: $51 (£33).
  • World Online Piping & Drumming Championships entry – Entry for up to ten events for the next online piping and drumming competition in Summer or Fall 2022. Retail value: $231 (£149).
  • The Piper’s Metronome app for iOS — the world’s first metronome made by pipers for pipers. Packed with powerful features for pipers at every level.

Blair Bagpipes

A Blair Digital Chanter, a Blair Cutoff Pedal, and an online setup session. Combined retail value: $940 (£604).

Bruce Gandy Music

A special digital prize package:

Chesney Chanters & Reeds

Two-dozen pipe chanter reeds picked for whichever chanter you, your band or your favourite piper plays. Retail value: $560 (£360).

Colin MacLellan Reeds

Six chanter reeds of the winner’s choice in preferred strength. Retail value: $124 (£80). And 160 piobaireachds played by Captain John A. MacLellan MBE from start to finish on the pipes and a copy of John A. MacLellan’s Complete Collection of CeolMor and accompanying CDs. Retail value: $390 (£250).

Gannaway New Zealand – The Bagpipe Centre

One Gannaway Zip & Collar Pipe Bag. Retail value: $318 (£205).

Highland Gear

A Highland Hanger. Retail value $35 (£23), a Generation 5.1 bag cover with bag retention system with two Dycem patches. Retail value: $140 (£91), and one pair of Highland Gear embroidered flashes, thistle or Celtic knot design. Retail value: $25 (£16).

Murray Henderson Piping

One set of Henderson Harmonic Deluxe Drone Reeds. Retail value: $97 (£62.75).

A voucher for a full bundle download from Murray Henderson’s Piobaireachd Studio (video presentations/practice chanter demonstration/MP3 of me playing tune on pipes), with a tune of your choosing from the choice of 35 currently available on Murray’s website. Retail value: $27 (£16.50).

Lee & Sons Bagpipes

A pipe bag of the winner’s choosing in cowhide, goatskin, sheepskin or sheepskin. Retail value: $500 (£323).

Lyons Bagpipes & Highland Supplies

McCallum Bagpipes

McGillivray Piping

Five hundred credits. Retail value: $105 (£68).

pipes|drums Magazine

A 25-year subscription to the world’s most-read piping and drumming publication. Retail value: $250 (£161).

A copy of I Piped, That She Might Dance by Iain Macdonald, the historical novel based on the life of Angus MacKay (1813-1859). Retail value: $24.99 (£16).

R.G. Hardie & Co.

R.G. Hardie’s new grey Deluxe Pipe Case. Retail price: $186 (£120).

Scott’s Highland Services

A set of Pipers’ Choice Kitchen Pipes, retail price $375 (£241), with Soft Carrying Case, retail vale $35 (£23).


A $75 (£50) gift card for whatever you’d like to get from Terry Lee’s piping and drumming supplies business.




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