November 30, 2008

Sherriff Amateur Championship goes to Durning

Craig Sutherland competes at the 2008 George Sherriff Amateur Invitational.Hamilton, Ontario – November 15, 2008 – Bobby Durning of Milltown, New Jersey, was the overall winner of the 13th annual George Sherriff Memorial Amateur Invitational Solo Piping Competition at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in downtown Hamilton, Ontario.
The 12 competitors comprised amateur pipers from across North America who enjoyed the best competition seasons, as well as Craig Sutherland of Scotland, who was brought to the event by virtue of his success at the 2008 Scottish Junior Championships held in October.
Willie McCallum Jim McGillivray and John Wilson judged all of the events at the contest, and some said that it was possibly the most accomplished trio of judges ever assembled for a competition in North America.
1st Bobby Durning
2nd Thomas Harrington
3rd Richard Gillies, Portland, Oregon
4th Johnny Bassett, Canterbury, New Hampshire
5th Craig Sutherland
1st Thomas Harrington, “I Am Proud to Play a Pipe”
2nd Bobby Durning, “Lament for the Viscount of Dundee”
3rd Elizabeth Sheridan, Oakville, Ontario, “MacNeill of Barra’s March”
4th Anthony Masterson, “The Battle of Aldearn #1”
5th Jon Maffett, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, “The King’s Taxes”
1st Johnny Bassett, “Captain Carswell,” “Lady MacKenzie of Gareloch,” “Thomson’s Dirk”
2nd Richard Gillies, “The Young MacGregor,” “Arniston Castle,” “Alick C. MacGregor”
3rd John Lee, Surrey, British Columbia, “The Pap of Glencoe,” “Dora MacLeod,” “The Smith of Chillichassie”
4th Bobby Durning, “John MacDonald of Glencoe,” “Cabar Feidh,” “Major David Manson”
5th Thomas Harrington, “Kantara to El Arish,” “Kirtie MacCalman’s Favourite,” “The Rejected Suitor”
6/8 Marches
1st Craig Sutherland
2nd Richard Gillies
3rd Bobby Durning
4th Thomas Harrington
5th Johnny Bassett
Also competing but not in the prizes were Erik Leiken, Andrew Tice and Jonathan Verrett.
2008 Sherriff judges Willie McCallum, John Wilson and Jim McGillivray. 
pipes|drums magazine, as not-for-profit publication, donated $250 to the event.


  1. As part of the group of volunteers for The Sherriff, I was lucky enough to hear the entire contest. If this is any example of the future in piping, the ones that have been passing on the torch should be proud. Kudo’s to Bob Worrall for showcasing such talent and hosting an event worthy on any world stage. It was an honour to be siting in the same room as the juding panel. How lucky we are in the Southern Ontario region to be able to attend and witness this.



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