August 07, 2016

(Updated) Shotts wins at Bridge of Allan

Shotts_logoBridge of Allan, Scotland – August 7, 2016 – Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia took the last small contest before the World Championships with a win at Bridge of Allan, near Stirling. MacKenzie Caledonia, one of several Grade 2 bands that played up, finished fourth. Grade 1 bands Greater Glasgow Police Scotland, Los Angeles Scots and Peoples Ford Boghall & Bathgate had entered, but did not attend. St. Thomas Alumni of Houston, Texas, won Grade 2 for the second straight day, after taking the event at North Berwick. The weather was windy all day, but stayed dry until the march past.

Grade 1 (medley, eight competed)
1st Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia (2,1,1,1)
2nd ScottishPower (1,2,2,2)
3rd Manawatu Scottish (3,3,3,3)
4th MacKenzie Caledonian (Gr2) (4,6,4,4)
5th St. Thomas Alumni (Gr2) (6,4,5,5)
6th City of Discovery (Gr2) (8,5,6,7)
7th Portland Metro (Gr2) (7,7,7,6)
8th Oban (Gr2) (8,8,8,8)
Judges: George Wilson, Brian Switalla (piping); David Brown (drumming); Gordon Craig (ensemble)

Grade 2 (MSR)
1st St. Thomas Alumni (1,1,2,3)
2nd George Watson’s College (Juvenile) (3,3,1,2)
3rd MacKenzie Caledonian (2,2,7,1)
4th Portland Metro (4,4,5,4)
5th City of Discovery (5,5,4,6)
6th Oban (6,6,6,5)
7th Royal Burgh of Stirling (9,7,3,7)
8th Portlethan & District (7,9,8,8)
9th Wallacestone & District (8,8,9,9)
Judges: Jim Semple, Tom Brown (piping); Allan Craig (drumming); Paul Turner (ensemble)





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