July 31, 2010

St. Laurence O’Toole: 2010 European Champions

Belfast – July 31, 2010 – St. Laurence O’Toole of Dublin won its first championship of the 2010 RSPBA season, besting Field Marshal Montgomery, which had won the previous two majors.

Grade 1 (MSR, 13 competed)
1st St. Laurence O’Toole
2nd Field Marshal Montgomery
3rd Boghall & Bathgate
4th Strathclyde Police
5th ScottishPower
6th House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead

Drumming: St. Laurence O’Toole
Judges: Jim Wark, Denver Cardwell (piping); S. Steele (drumming); David Clark (ensemble)

Grade 2 (medley, 17 competed)
1st Ravara
2nd Seven Towers
3rd Grampian Police
4th Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary
5th Lomond & Clyde
6th Buchan

Drumming: Ravara
Judges: John Nevans, Nat Russell (piping); Greg Dinsdale; Allan Ronaldson (ensemble)

Grade 3A (19 competed)
1st St. Finbarr’s
2nd Cottown
3rd Deeside Caledonian
4th Cullen
5th Rafray
6th Linlithgow

Drumming: Cottown

Grade 3B (17 competed)
1st Geogheghan Memorial
2nd Manor Cunningham
3rd Quinn Memorial
4th Colmcille
5th Glenrothes
6th Rothesay

Drumming: Manor Cunningham

Juvenile (six competed)
1st Dollar Academy
2nd George Watson’s School
3rd St. Thomas Episcopal School (USA)
4th Boghall & Bathgate
5th Robert Wiseman Dairies-Vale of Atholl
6th Johnstone

Drumming: Dollar Academy

Grade 4A (21 competed)
1st Gransha
2nd Stamperland
3rd Moneygore
4th Tullylagan
5th Ballyboly
6th Deeside Caledonia

Drumming: Gransha

Grade 4B (15 competed)
1st Upper Crossgare
2nd Tullintrane
3rd Achill
4th Stockbridge
5th Ballybreist
6th Camellon

Drumming: Ballybreist

Novice (six competed)
1st North Lanarkshire Schools
2nd Inveraray & District
3rd George Watson’s School
4th Oban High School
5th Boghall & Bathgate
6th Hawkesbury Nepean Valley

Drumming: North Lanarkshire Schools


  1. Yes, the vale were DQ’d. When they got to the line, halted, pipes down, stand at ease, then stood to attention, pipes up etc… a drum burst. After the stand at ease” command

  2. I wonder who stood the drummer down? did they just fall out? or who told them to step aside…big mistake as it meant they didnt get any championship points and handed inveraray a pre-qualifier place for the worlds……bad mistake.



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