April 30, 2012

Strong entry at annual junior contests at Inveraray

Inveraray, Scotland – April 7, 2012 – Some 118 competitors in 20 events competed in the annual junior piping and drumming competitions held at Inveraray Primary School.

Solo Piping
15 and under 18
1st Stuart Scott, Crieff, Scotland
2nd Daniel McDermott, Rothesay, Scotland
3rd Iain Crawford, Strathaven, Scotland
4th Callum Wynd, Dunblane, Scotland
5th Kyle Orr, Benderloch, Scotland
6th Aimee Craig, Jamestown, Scotland

Judges: Anne Johnston, Ronald McShannon

1st Daniel McDermott
2nd Steven McNair
3rd Iain Crawford
4th Christopher Gray, Lockerbie, Scotland
5th Kyle Orr
6th Callum Wynd

Judges: James Beaton, Iain Hurst

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Iain Crawford
2nd Christopher Gray
3rd Kyle Orr
4th Daniel McDermott
5th Christopher Coates, Lochgilphead, Scotland
6th Andrew Brodlie, Troon, Scotland

Judges: Annie Grant, Tracey Williams

14 and Under
1st Sandy Cameron, Roybridge, Scotland
2nd Donald Stewart, Stewarton, Scotland
3rd Seamus O’Baoighill, Sleat, Isle of Skye, Scotland
4th Lucy Ferguson, Dollar, Scotland
5th Joshua Townsley, Airdrie, Scotland
6th Connor Jardine, Airdrie, Scotland

Judges: James Beaton, Tracey Williams

1st Lucy Ferguson
2nd Sandy Cameron
3rd Connor Jardine
4th Jamie Baxter
5th Harry Richards, Dunblane, Scotland
6th Robyn McKay, Inchinnan, Scotland

Strathspey & Reel
1st Sandy Cameron
2nd Seamus O’Baoighill
3rd Jamie Baxter
4th Joshua Townsley
5th Lucy Ferguson
6th Connor Jardine

Judges: Iain Hurst, Ronald McShannon

1st Sandy Cameron
2nd Seamus O’Baoighill
3rd Lucy Ferguson
4th Joshua Townsley
5th Harry Richards
6th Connor Jardine

Judges: Annie Grant Kate Paton




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