October 02, 2021

Stuart Liddell wins the big prize at Capt. John Memorial

Overall Premier Grade winner Stuart Liddell (right) and Colin R. MacLellan at the annual Capt. John A. MacLellan MBE Memorial Solo Piping Competition in Edinburgh, October 2, 2021.

Edinburgh – October 2, 2021 – Stuart Liddell of Inveraray, Scotland, emerged the overall winner of the Premier Grade events at the Captain John A. MacLellan Memorial Solo Piping Competition, which returned as an in-person event at its familiar home at Inchdrewer House. The eighth annual competition is organized by Army School of Piping and Highland Drumming and pays homage to the great military piper. Jamie Forrester of Glasgow, and the prizes were presented by MacLellan’s son, Colin R. MacLellan, and had sponsorship from McCallum Bagpipes and R.G. Hardie & Co., the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and Glenfiddich.

The current Director of Army Bagpipe Music, Major Gordon Rowan SCOTS, gave a tribute to Captain John before the prize winners were announced.

Premier Grade
1st Finlay Johnston, Glasgow, (£300) Capt. John MacLellan Medal)
2nd Callum Beaumont, Dollar, Scotland (£240)
3rd Angus D. MacColl, Benderloch, Scotland (£200)
4th Stuart Liddell (£180)
5th Alastair Henderson, Dunoon, Scotland (£160)
Judges: Alan Forbes, Stuart Samson

1st Stuart Liddell (£190) Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Silver Piper)
2nd Cameron Drummond, Edinburgh (£160)
3rd Sarah Muir, Glasgow (£130)
4th Craig Sutherland, Perth, Scotland (£110)
5th Ben Duncan, Edinburgh (£80)
Judges: Jimmy Banks, Richard Parkes

Prizewinners and organizers and the annual Capt. John A. MacLellan MBE Memorial Solo Piping Competition in Edinburgh, October 2, 2021.

1st Jamie Forester (£250, Colin MacLellan Cup)
2nd Darach Urquhart (£200)
3rd Cameron Drummond (£180)
4th Sarah Muir (£140)
5th Steven Leask (£100)
Judges: Alan Forbes, Stuart Samson

1st Cameron MacDougall (£150, P-M Angus MacDonald Trophy)
2nd Angus J. MacColl (£120, Plummer’s Knowe Trophy)
3rd Steven Leask (£90)
4th Ashley McMichael (£60)
5th Matt Wilson (£50)
Judges: Walter Cowan, Ian MacLellan

1st John Macdonald (£140, Joe Rafferty Plate)
2nd Ashley McMichael (£100, Ramsey Garden Cup)
3rd Calum Watson (£80)
4th Alex Gehrig (£60)
5th Jamie Elder (£40)
Judges: Colin MacLellan, Ronnie McShannon

1st Ciaren Ross (£60, John MacLellan Pipe Banner)
2nd Callum Wynd (£50)
3rd Lachie Dick (£40)
4th Kristopher Coyle (£30)
5th Sandy Cameron (£20)
Judges: Euan Anderson, Logan Tannock

1st Stuan Moffat (£80, Jo Delworth Quaich)
2nd Keith Christie (£60, Dean Park Eagle)
3rd Michael Laing (£50)
4th James McPetrie (£40)
5th Christopher McLeish (£30)
Judges: Robert Barnes, Tom Johnstone

1st Stuart McCallum (£50, Fort Augustus Shield)
2nd Gordon Barclay (£40)
3rd Andrew Bell (£30)
4th Calum Kaye (£20)
5th Keith Christie (£10)
Judges: Andrew Frater, Derek Fraser

Open Hornpipe & Jig
1st Callum Beaumont (£150)
2nd Stuart Liddell (£130)
3rd Alastair Henderson (£110)
4th Sarah Muir (£90)
5th Ashley McMichael (£70)
Judges: Ian MacLellan, Richard Parkes





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