December 31, 2013

The 12th annual pipes|drums New Year’s Honours

2013 Product of the Year

Sheepskin/Goatskin Pipe Bag with Zipper and Grommets, Lee & Sons Bagpipes

Just when you think everything that could be created for the bagpipe has been created for the bagpipe, along comes a creative and quite brilliant riff on something traditional. Renowned piper Jack Lee and his sons developed a natural skin pipe bag that can take advantage of drying mechanisms and rubber collars for rapid set up. It’s a pricey investment for any piper, though, but through a painstaking manufacturing process, the $400 bag has the potential to serve those looking for a traditional feel and sound while taking advantage of the latest moisture control systems.

Also considered (in alphabetical order):

A Piper’s Tale – Stories from the World’s Top Pipers, by Fergus Muirhead – a lively romp with some of the world’s more accomplished pipers and drummers. Muirhead’s sense of humour comes across in this quick read.

General Principles of Piobaireachd: A Guide to Interpretation, by Andrew Wright – an important contribution from one of piping most important contributors.

Generation 3 Bagpipe Cover, Highland Gear – the idea to incorporate additional underarm moisture protection was another stroke of smarts from the innovator of pipe band products.




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