Trailing Drones
January 03, 2015

The 2014 Raspberry Awards

It’s time again for my annual Raspberry Awards, now in its third year, where we highlight some of the more epic fails from the last 12 months. The year 2014 had so many contenders that I’m almost out of slavers, and one that deserved the biggest, most sloppy splutter doesn’t even bear repeating. Like Toronto Mayor Rab Ford, let’s just be thankful it’s over.

And now, my 2014 Raspberry Awards . . .


The Harry Tung Band Management Award

Inveraray_logoFollowing the theme of last year’s rant, yer pal Harry likes to start with a bit of bright news. He delivered a virtual pat on the back last year to SFU and SLOT for the way they handled their changes of command, and in 2014 Inveraray & District Pipe Band made a pretty big change in the leadership team that seemed to go well for the band. Replacing the long-serving and very involved Dougie Campbell with Alasdair Henderson turned out to be a solid move for the band, which won its first Grade 1 major in 2014, and narrowly missed winning the World’s.





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