Style Guy
November 30, 2014

The Style Guy: tassel hassles, willynilly ghillies and back in black

Dear Style Guy:

I’ve notice a few pipe bands wearing black shirts. What do you think of this look? Suave and cool, or mean and menacing?

Princess of Darkness

Ooh! Intimidating!

Well, PoD, I too have seen this through the years. There are always a small minority of bands that try to establish a singular look with black shirts and black ties and black hose and black, black, blackity-black everything.

These are the same bands that think wearing sunglasses is “cool.” They’re more concerned about the quality of their coach than the merit of their music.

Simply put, black shirts simply do not work for me.

I would rather see these bands lighten up a bit and concentrate more on standing out through their music than by their menacing shirts. Further, these black shirts almost always are made of horrible polyester. They are heat soakers and heat seekers.

And with rare exceptions, bands that wear black shirts I have noticed generally finish last. It’s almost like they’re daring the judges to like them.




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