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December 24, 2016

The Top 10 Christmas tunes

Eleven of ’em.

Where are all the Christmas tunes?

Sort of like, with the exception of Bill Livingstone’s “Lucy’s Frolics,” there are no tunes specifically named for cats, there is a dearth of tunes named for Christmas. Sure, we can cite obvious things like “Christmas Carousal,” the traditional two-parted reel, and carols put to the pipes, but, really, there’s not much else out there — never mind them 11 pipers piping in that there partridge song.

So let’s get a bit creative with a bit of good cheer and poetic license. (If you are particularly religious and reverent at this time of year, we mean no offense and sincerely hope that you don’t take any.) Over our long winter’s nap we looked into our kilt stockings to dream up our top 10 list of tunes that we can cannily connect with Christmas.





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