February 10, 2020

Toronto Knockout finalists set for March 7th showdown

Amateur Solo Piping MSR Toronto Knockout prizewinners (L-R): Mitchell Arnold, Colin Johnstone,Charles-David Mitchell, Harrison Little, Iain Dewar. Charles-David Mitchell was the winner of the Reay Mackay Trophy for MSR playing.

Toronto – February 8, 2020 – The last qualifying section, rounds 3 and 4, for the 12th annual Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario’s Toronto Branch Professional & Amateur Knockout was held at Moss Park Armoury in downtown Toronto, determining the list of finalists in both solo piping and snare drumming events.


1st Sean McKeown
2nd Glenn Walpole
3rd Ian K. MacDonald
4th Tyler Bridge
5th Andrea Boyd
6th Brad Davidson
Judge: Andrew Berthoff

(grades 1-2)
1st Charles-David Mitchell
2nd Michael Malish
3rd Harrison Little
4th Colin Johnstone
5th Iain Dewar
6th Mitchell E. Arnold
Judge: Matt MacIsaac

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Charles-David Mitchell
2nd Colin Johnstone
3rd Michael Malish
4th Caleb Thibodeau
5th Chris Scharf
6th Harrison Little
Judge: Andrew Berthoff

B (grades 3-4th
Strathspey & Reel
1st Andrew Dewar
2nd James Doucette
3rd Matt Greco
4th Sebastien Love
5th Allison Moore
6th Andrew Pett
Judge: Matt MacIsaac

C (March)
1st Kaiden Sabbadin
2nd Makenzi Jamieson
3rd Donna Cooper
4th Douglas Beattie
Judge: Andrew Berthoff

Snare Drumming
A Hornpipe & Jig (grades 1-2)
1st Cameron W. MacDonald
2nd Aidan Hogan
3rd Brody Duncan
4th Tom Litherland
Judge: Graham Kirkwood

B Strathspey & Reel (grades 3-4)
1st Mark Rugman
Judge: Graham Kirkwood

The March 7th Toronto Knockout finals will also be held at Moss Park Armoury, following the More Ceol Mor Piobaireachd Workshop with James MacHattie, Jack Taylor and Bob Worrall. MacHattie will come in from Prince Edward Island and Taylor from Scotland.

The branch has amateur prizes lined up from Ben Bhraggie House, Kinnaird Bagpipes, McCallum Bagpipes and Cameron’s Drumming Studio, and the piping events will be judged by Lynda MacKay and Jack Taylor, which Cameron will handle the snare drumming.

Results tables for finalists

Piping – ProfessionalOct 19Nov 23Feb 8total
Glenn Walpole26513
Sean McKeown6612
Tyler Bridge54312
Ian K. MacDonald448
Andrea Boyd325
Brendan Culver55


Piping – A DivisionNov 23Feb 8Feb 8total
Charles-David Mitchell26614
Colin Johnstone45312
Michael Malish459
Mark McClennan66
Harrison Little145
Kayleigh Johnstone55


Piping – B DivisionOct 19Nov 23Feb 8total
James Doucette46515
Andrew Dewar6612
Matt Greco53412
Sebastien Love538
Andrew Pett2114
Conor Robbins44


Snare Drumming – A DivisionOct 19Feb 8total
Aidan Hogan459
Tom Litherland639
Cameron W. MacDonald66
Cameron MacDonald55
Brody Duncan44
Victoria Hingley33


Snare Drumming – B DivisionOct 19Feb 8total
Mark Rugman66
Nathan Nguyen66





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