March 31, 2009

Updated: Auckland wins NZ Championship, breaks Manawatu streak

Christchurch, New Zealand – February 6-7, 2009 – The Grade 1 Auckland & District Pipe Band became the first band in a decade to overcome the dominance of the Manawatu Scottish Society, breaking the latter band’s string of nine successive New Zealand Pipe Band Championship wins. Auckland won both the Medley and MSR events against five other Grade 1 bands.
Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe-Major Richard Parkes and RSPBA adjudicator Alistair Aitken were guest judges at the competition, which saw a warm, clear first day and then an overcast second day with high winds and a constant threat of rain. Several of the top Grade 1 bands featured guest players from leading bands based in the UK.
Auckland & District competed with 13 pipers in both events, Manawatu with 16 and Canterbury Caledonian with more than 20.
Grade 1
1st Auckland & District (MSR: 2,2,1,1 / Medley 1,2,1,1)
2nd Manawatu Scottish Society (MSR: 1,1,2,4 / Medley 2,1,2,3)
3rd Canterbury Caledonian Society (MSR: 3,3,4,2 / Medley 3,3,3,2)
Drumming: Auckland & District
Judges: MSR – Brian Switalla, Philip Mair (piping);  Alistair Aitken (ensemble); R. Smith (drumming)
Medley: Richard Parkes, Barry Brougham (piping); C. Meinsmith (ensemble); J. Hilliard (drumming)
Grade 2
1st St Andrew’s College A
2nd Temuka
Drumming: Temeuka
Grade 3
1st City of Invercargill
2nd University of Ballarat (Victoria, Australia)
3rd Manawatu Development Band
Drumming: University of Ballarat
Grade 4
1st Golden City (Victoria, Australia)
2nd City of Nelson
3rd Hokonui Highlanders
Drumming: Golden City




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