August 31, 2008

Updated: Cap Caval sews up another Breton Championship; Watt wins Lorient

Lorient, Brittany – August 2, 2008 – Bagad Cap Caval took the 2008 Breton Bagad Championships, securing the victory at the second leg of the event at Lorient where the band took first. In the solo pipign events, Robert Watt of Northern Ireland won the overall prize and Jacob Dicker of Ontario took the Piobaireachd event.
Lorient Championship
1st Cap Caval
2nd Auray
3rd Kemper ( 1st drumming)
4th Lokoal Mendon
5th Pondi
6th Beuzeg
7th Saint Malo
Drumming: Kemper
Final Breton Championship ranking
1st Cap Caval
2nd Auray
3rd Kemper
4th Lokoal Mendon
5th Pondi
6th Saint Malo
7th Beuzeg
Solo Piping
MacCrimmon Trophy
1st Robert Watt
2nd Alexis Meunier, Brittany
3rd Lionel Tupman, Nigara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
4th Andrew Carlisle, Belfast
5th Gordon MacCready, Renfrew, Scotland
1st Jacob Dicker, Sarnia, Ontario
2nd Alexis Meunier
3rd Patrick Molard, Brittany
4th Lionel Tupman
5th Gordon MacCready




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