Published: July 02, 2016

Watson-Massey injured by gazebo at Thornton

Brodie Watson-Massey being tended to by paramedics at Thornton Games, while fellow competitors sit by.

Thornton, Scotland – July 2, 2016 – The Thornton Highland Games were a small but lively affair, punctuated by high winds and a gust blowing the judges’ gazebo tent off its moorings and into junior piper Brodie Watson-Massey in mid-performance. Watson-Massey was fortunate not to be badly injured. He was tended to by paramedics, and was allowed to play again. The judges escaped without injury, except perhaps to their pride. In the Senor solo piping, Eddie Gaul and Allan Russell took the firsts, with Russell having the overall best day.

1st Eddie Gaul, “Lament for the Children”
2nd Campbell Webster, Concord, New Hampshire, “The MacGregors’ Salute”
3rd Alan Russell, Kelty, Scotland, “Mary’s Praise”

1st Alan Russell
2nd Amos Fox, Brisbane
3rd Campbell Webster
4th Eddie Gaul

The remains of the Thornton judges’ tent.

(two competed)
1st = Brodie Watson-Massey, “MacCrimmons Sweetheart,” Chris Happs, “Cabar Feidh gu Brath”

1st Chris Happs
2nd Brodie Watson-Massey
3rd Brandon MacDonald
4th Matthew MacKelvie

All events were judged by Euan Anderson and Andrew Frater.



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