May 07, 2020

World Online Championships draw 1,650 entries from 23 countries

Brendon Eade of New Zealand on his way to winning the Open Solo Piping category of the 2020 World Online Piping Championships.

The Internet – May 7, 2020 – The World Online Piping & Drumming Championships attracted entries from all over the globe, including China, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Germany and even England, and offered a dizzying array of events and awards, and even broke down lists into bands, associations and countries from which contestants were members or resided.

The contest was pulled together by Jori Chisholm of Seattle, and run in conjunction with his company, with additional sponsorship from the Midwest Highland Arts Fund and R.G. Hardie & Co.

“The competition was a big success,” Chisholm said. “We set out to give pipers and drummers an opportunity to compete during this time of lockdowns and cancellations. We received 1,650 entries in 78 events, including solo piping, side drumming, tenor drumming, and bass drumming. Many events were split due to large entry numbers. Our competitors came from 23 countries on six continents.”

Competitors had to submit video recordings of performances in line with each grade and event’s requirements, and they were then assessed by a panel of international panel judges that featured some of the biggest names in the art. In an interesting twist, judges’ comments were published publicly along with competitor videos.

“On behalf of everyone who participated in the online competition, we will be making a significant donation to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund — a top-rated international charity that supports those directly affected, first-responders, medical professionals, and hygiene promotion in the poorest areas around the world,” Chisholm added. “This is a charity that can do the most good for the people that are most in need during this global crisis. We encourage others to make a donation directly to this fund, please visit the Center for Disaster Philanthropy Donation Page.”

Solo Piping

1st Brendon Eade, New Zealand (169 points) $600
2nd John Dew, Scotland (144 points) $400
3rd Peter McCalister, Scotland (104 points) $300
4th Gordon McCready, Scotland (101 points) $200
5th Ian K. MacDonald, Canada (94 points) $100
6th Sean McKeown, Canada (45 points)
7th= Zephan Knichel, Canada; Cameron MacDougall, Scotland (16 points)
9th Calum Brown, Scotland (10 points)

Grade 1
1st Jordan Johnston, New Zealand (440 points)
2nd Laura Mullin, Canada (168 points)
3rd Ross Davison, Canada (114 points)
4th Elizabeth Knox, USA (63 points)
5th= Hamish Reade, New Zealand; Connor Eckert, USA (56 points)
7th Patrick MacDonald, Canada (54 points)
8th Sandy Adams, Canada (41 points)
9th Kevin Darmadi, USA (35 points)
10th Joshua Hogg, South Africa (26 points)

Grade 2
1st Hugo Mackay, Scotland (352 points)
2nd David Stulpner, Australia (267 points)
3rd Connor Eckert, USA (256 points)
4th Cameron Bonar, Canada (202 points)
5th Dugald MacKechnie, Scotland (178 points)
6th Joseph Votta, USA (126 points)
7th Megan Brodie, New Zealand (114 points)
8th= Katherine Miller, USA; Joshua Truesdale, Northern Ireland (88 points)
10th Robin Sulzer, Germany; Connor Francis, USA (81 points)

Grade 3
1st Aidan Scott, Australia (248 points)
2nd Seumas Eade, New Zealand (198 points)
3rd Donald Morris, Scotland (176 points)
4th Ethan DesChamps, Canada (164 points)
5th George Panagiotou, Canada (142 points)
6th Danielle Warren, Canada (138 points)
7th Jean-Sébastien Gamache, Canada (132 points)
8th Ewan Allen, Scotland (112 points)
9th Jacob King, USA (104 points)
10th Drew Marshall, Canada (88 points)

Grade 4
1st Paul Mackay, USA (390 points)
2nd Jack Martin, Canada (200 points)
3rd Devon Saunders, Canada (160 points)
4th Grace Kelman, Scotland (129 points)
5th Lauren Baures, USA (126 points)
6th= Tim Riddle, USA; Jenna Dennison, Canada; Colin Richdale, Canada; Brennan Foley, USA; Ben Lampman, Canada (88 points)

Grade 5
1st Evan Jamieson, Canada (286 points)
2nd Jules Crane, Australia (144 points)
3rd Anja Maroske-Jeck, Germany (138 points)
4th Stella Jacoby, USA (126 points)
5th Rory Menzies, Scotland (113 points)
6th= Nicola Rott, Germany; Eric Willcox, USA (94 points)
8th Theo Paris, Canada (88 points)
9th= Seamus Clarke, USA; Iain Kane, USA; Euan Graham, Australia (56 points)

1st Arran brown, Scotland (169 points)
2nd Hamish Stephens, Scotland (144 points)
3rd Charné Baird, Canada (126 points)
4th David Sands, Scotland (120 points)
5th Benjamin Veyt, Canada (91 points)
6th Gaelle Fayolle, Canada (88 points)
7th Benton Lewis, USA (72 points)
8th Poppy Middleton, Australia (63 points)
9th Harry Rooksby, Scotland (56 points)
10th Carol Macdonald, Canada (48 points)

Solo Drumming

1st Grant Maxwell, Canada (113 points) $500
2nd Bryce Parker, USA (98 points) $300
3rd= Robert Graham, USA; Harvey Dawson, Canada (72 points)$200
5th Mark Leishman, Scotland (63 points)
6th Joe Kiah, Canada (48 points)

Grade 1
1st Graham Young, USA (176 points)
2nd Matthew Darmadi, USA (160 points)
3rd Thomas Cuming, Canada (94 points)
4th David anderson, Scotland (56 points)
5th Ryan Bell, USA (54 points)
6th Sebastian Arguelles, USA (50 points)
7th Jared Mays, USA (10 points)

Grade 2
1st Oliver Bernhardt, Germany (182 points)
2nd Lily Fraser, Canada (126 points)
2nd David Spotswood, Australia (126 points)
4th Connor J S Higgs, New Zealand (112 points)
5th Georgia Eagle, New Zealand (60 points)
6th David Anderson, Scotland (25 points)
7th= William Gibson, Australia; Shahna Summers, Canada (16 points)
9th Kalum Tillmanns, Canada (16 points)
10th= Calum Merry, USA; Alec Flansburg, USA (10 points)

Grade 3
1st Lachie Coe, Australia (150 points)
2nd David Anderson, Scotland (126 points)
3rd= Tyler Boydstun, USA; Sinclair Peace, Scotland (88 points)
5th Damon Wright, Australia (63 points)
6th Matthew Seitz, USA (56 points)
7th Greg MacDonald, USA (26 points)
8th Kyle Kyrzyk, Canada (25 points)
8th Adam Hewitt, USA (25 points)
10th= Quintin Brunning, Canada; Gursager Singh, Malaysia (16 points)

Grade 4
1st Callum Anderson, Scotland (112 points)
2nd Andrew West, USA (98 points)
3rd= Sinclair peace, Scotland; David Anderson, Scotland (88 points)
5th Ethan Higgs, New Zealand; Ella Hodges, Australia (79 points)
7th Christopher Murray, Canada (63 points)
8th Cole McLeod, Canada (56 points)
9th Paul Connolly, England (16 points)
10th= Milton Mann, Australia; Konnor Chamberlain, New Zealand (10 points)

Grade 5
1st Erica Cheyne, Canada (144 points)
2nd Henry Bautz, USA (94 points)
3rd= Tom Hinsman, USA; Caleb Addie, USA (88 points)
5th Catherine Johnson, USA (72 points)
6th Callum Mitchell, Scotland (54 points)
7th Zola Clifford, England (50 points)
8th Helen Gallo, USA (38 points)
9th Abbie Graham, Australia (25 points)
10th Kaylee Ellwood, Canada (16 points)

1st Samuel Lawler, USA (151 points)
2nd Ewan Allen, Scotland (88 points)
2nd Casey Maceachen, Scotland (88 points)
4th Lola Catt, United Kingdom (63 points)
5th= Molly Turley, USA; Kim Greeley, USA; Adam Millar, Scotland (56 points)
8th Celia Roy, Scotland (16 points)

Grade 1

1st Kathryn Byzewski, USA (176 points)
2nd Isaac Mulder, Canada (94 points)
3rd Mitchell Olding, Canada (63 points)
4th Shelena Marsh, Canada (56 points)

Grade 2
1st Tanya Cawthorn, Australia (176 points)

Grade 3
1st Lindsay MacGregor, USA (144 points)
2nd Keegan WIlley, Canada (126 points)
3rd Carolin Stonier, USA (94 points)
4th Emily Fantastic, USA (25 points)

Grade 4
1st Anna Bain, Canada (113 points)
2nd Sophie Crockett, Scotland (88 points)
3rd Nina Schnee, USA (56 points)
4th Catherine Crisler, USA (38 points)
5th Martina Murphy, USA (16 points)

Grade 5
1st Andrea Kaufmann, Germany (176 points)
2nd Felicia Lelli, USA (56 points)
3rd Michaley Krizman, USA (38 points)
4th Charlie Yettaw, USA (25 points)

1st Jodie Churchett, England (176 points)

Solo Bass
Grade 1
1st Isaac Mulder, Canada (88 points)
2nd David Zimmerman, USA (56 points)
3rd Rod Bain, USA (38 points)
4th Kenneth Hiner, USA (25 points)

Grade 3
1st Gale Walker, Canada (88 points)
2nd Stuart Baker, USA (56 points)
3rd Quentin Lovatt, New Zealand (38 points)
4th William Schmidt, Canada (25 points)
5th Jay Jolley, USA (16 points)

Grade 4
1st Archie MacKechnie, Scotland (88 points)
2nd Dan Ross, USA (56 points)
3rd Angus Gardiner, Scotland (38 points)

P-M Alasdair Gillies Memorial 2/4 March Champions (first place winner in each age group category)
Cameron Bonar, Canada (ages 12 and younger)
Angus Crockett, Scotland (ages 13 to 14)
David Stulpner, Australia (ages 15 to 17)
Kevin Darmadi, USA (ages 18 to 20)
Charlie Martin, USA (ages 21 and up)

Overall Champion and Winner of the P-M Alasdair Gillies Memorial 2/4 March Scholarship:
Cameron Bonar, Canada

Overall Champion (overall individual winners across all categories)
1st Paul Mackay, USA (446 points)
2nd Jordan Johnston, New Zealand (440 points)
3rd Hugo Mackay, Scotland (368 points)
3rd Connor Eckert, USA (368 points)
5th David Stulpner, Australia (355 points)
6th David Anderson, Scotland (295 points)
7th Cameron Bonar, Canada (290 points)
8th Evan Jamieson, Canada (286 points)
9th Aidan Scott, Australia (258 points)
10th= Jack Martin, Canada; Ewan Allen, Scotland (200 points)
12th Seumas Eade, New Zealand (198 points)
13th Ethan DesChamps, Canada (189 points)
14th Dugald MacKechnie, Scotland (188 points)
15th= Oliver Bernhardt, Germany; Isaac Mulder, Canada; Ian K. MacDonald, Canada (182 points)
18th= Tanya Cawthorn, Australia; Sinclair Peace, Scotland; Kathryn Byzewski, USA; Jodie Churchett, England; Graham Young, USA; Donald Morris, Scotland; Andrea Kaufmann, Germany (176 points)
25th Brendon Eade, New Zealand (169 points)

Champion Association (piping or pipe band associations with the most combined points from all events)
1st British Columbia Pipers Association (2894 points, 133 entries)
2nd Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (2383 points, 86 entries)
3rd Eastern United States Pipe Band Association (1781 points, 250 entries)
4th Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario (1573 points, 101 entries)
5th Western United States Pipe Band Association (1287 points, 113 entries)
6th Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Association (1120 points, 34 entries)
7th Midwest Pipe Band Association (1074 points, 99 entries)
8th Pipe Bands Australia (779 points, 38 entries)
9th Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association (398 points, 47 entries)
10th Alberta Society of Pipers & Drummers (358 points, 22 entries)
11th Queensland Highland Pipers Society (278 points, 11 entries)
12th Piping & Dancing Association of New Zealand (225 points, 8 entries)
13th Competing Pipers Association (215 points, 27 entries)
14th Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association (207 points, 6 entries)
15th Bagpipe Association of Germany (182 points, 14 entries)
16th North of Scotland Pipe Band Association (176 points, 2 entries)
17th Australian Pipe Band Association (176 points, 2 entries)
18th Prairie Pipe Band Association of Manitoba (145 points, 18 entries)
19th PBA (63 points, 3 entries)
20th Prairie Pipe Band Association (56 points, 7 entries)
21st Nederlandse Organisatie van Doedelzakbands (NOvDB) (36 points, 13 entries)

Champion Pipe Band or Team (pipe bands or teams with the most combined points from all events)
1st Robert Malcolm Memorial (1128 points, 38 entries)
2nd Dollar Academy (883 points, 19 entries)
3rd Northwest Junior (843 points, 19 entries)
4th LA Scots (504 points, 10 entries)
5th Manawatu Scottish (440 points, 5 entries)
6th Niagara Regional Police (384 points, 20 entries)
7th St. Thomas Alumni (381 points, 11 entries)
8th Peoples Ford Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia (376 points, 12 entries)
9th Hamilton Caledonian (367 points, 8 entries)
10th Coupar Angus (320 points, 6 entries)
11th Camelon & District (295 points, 7 entries)
12th 3Scots School Albury (292 points, 9 entries)
13th Buckswood (289 points, 12 entries)
14th Brisbane Boys’College (274 points, 7 entries)
15th Peel Regional Police (264 points, 16 entries)
16th Keith Highlanders (261 points, 20 entries)
17th Saint Thomas Episcopal School (248 points, 9 entries)
18th City of Ipswich (245 points, 12 entries)
19th Saint Andrews College (239 points, 10 entries)
20th Kintyre Schools (232 points, 5 entries)
21st Greater Midwest (232 points, 3 entries)
22nd Lander Valley Fire Department (220 points, 5 entries)
23rd Turlach Ur (204 points, 12 entries)
24th Portland Metro (201 points, 5 entries)
25th Tidewater (199 points, 13 entries)

Champion Country (countries with the most combined points from all events)
1st USA (6366 points, 629 entries)
2nd Canada (5166 points, 347 entries)
3rd Scotland (3718 points, 162 entries)
4th Australia (1632 points, 79 entries)
5th New Zealand (1393 points, 49 entries)
6th Germany (716 points, 48 entries)
7th England (308 points, 23 entries)
8th Northern Ireland (98 points, 5 entries)
9th Austria (85 points, 11 entries)
10th United Kingdom (63 points, 8 entries)
11th Netherlands (36 points, 13 entries)
12th= Wales (26 points, 8 entries); South Africa (26 points, 2 entries)
14th= Switzerland (16 points, 8 entries); Malaysia (16 points, 2 entries); Ireland (16 points, 1 entries); China (16 points, 3 entries)

Judges: Chris Armstrong, Callum Beaumont, Andrea Boyd, Finlay Cameron, Sandy Cameron, Seamus Coyne, Gordon Craig, Harvey Dawson, John Dew, Greg Dinsdale, Andrew Donlon, Andrew Douglas, Alastair Dunn, Margaret Dunn, Brendon Eade, Bruce Gandy, Harold Gillespie, Ann Gray, David Hilder, Shaunna Hilder, Terry Lee, Ian K. MacDonald, Cameron MacDougall, James MacHattie, Roddy MacLeod, Peter McCalister, William McCallum, Gordon McCready, Gareth McLees, Ciaran Mordaunt, Gavin Noade, Michael O’Neil, Keith Orr, Keith Paton, Chris Pollock, Jonathon Simpson, James W. Troy, Calum Watson, Davey Welsh, Alex Wilson, Matt Wilson, and Andrew Womersley.




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