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2 thoughts on “Editorial: It’s time to share scoresheets

  1. I like that this article was accompanied by a survey of readers. However, “my” curiosity over the constructive feedback that was most likely given to the band(s) earning the evaluation is a secondary part of the survey. I can see where piping/drumming overall might improve if we ALL know the standards by which we are measured. The real question, though, might be whether or not the individual bands want those comments shared with the community at large. “Praise in public – correct in private.”

  2. As a Pipe Major, I would not want my bands sheets to be made public, or seen by other judges. I want an impartial view of that particular performance when my band performs. I don’t want my opposition seeing what we are being told and I don’t want the beer tent experts being given any further ammunition. As a judge, I don’t want to see, hear or be told what other judges think. I am paid the mega bucks at contests to give my view, not a consensus. Also we have privacy laws here that I think may prevent the publication of sheets.


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