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4 thoughts on “Opinion: Our social media problem

  1. What do you know. Grade 4 bands, with plebeian pipers and drummers often get short shift in the pipe band world…….but our “insignificance” may be a blessing in that we are free to express our thoughts and opinions…..as compared to our Grade 1 associates who are muffled……if only those thoughts mattered and were taken seriously……..

  2. Say what you think and hang the consequences. At least you can look yourself in the mirror every morning rather than being a subservient brown noser. It’s pathetic

  3. You place the entire blame on ‘thin-skinned officials’, but surely it is two way traffic. Surely it is anyone, official/player/spectator, that expresses their views in an offensive manner. The question of what sanction for poor behaviour is simple in my view. Cool down period, when everyone is sober engage in a dialogue, apologise or forgive if necessary, and then forget.

  4. It’s an interesting article and a problem that is not exclusive to the RSPBA. After looking at the RSPBA’s articles of association I have reservations as to whether the RSPBA actually has any authority over an individual member of a band, to impose sanctions. Perhaps a Harvard lawyer can unravel this (My comments in brackets after the quoted article of association):-

    11. Membership shall be open to one person appointed as secretary of each
    (This clearly states it is the band secretary that is the member of the RSPBA, not the
    individual player – what jurisdiction do they therefore have over and individual band
    member who is clearly not a member of the RSPBA as defined by Article 11?)

    14. Each Member shall be obliged to pay in accordance with the Rules an
    annual membership fee (“Membership Fee”) in respect of the Band which he or
    she represents.
    (Secretary is member as defined in article 11 and above states “Band which he/she
    represents – No mention of them representing individuals of the bands! nor do individuals pay any fee to the RSPBA!)

    17. Subject to Article 31, any individual, with Band Registration, who wishes to
    become a Band Member of the Company must sign, and lodge with the
    Company, a written application for membership (in such form as the Directors
    shall require) stating the Band with which that individual holds Band
    Registration. The Directors may, at their discretion, refuse to admit any person
    to membership as a Band Member and shall not be obliged to give any reason
    for their decision.
    (Is there a difference between being an individual with band registration and being a
    “Band Member of the Company”? above would suggest this to be the case! does the
    signing of a band registration form and form being sent/registered with RSPBA qualify
    as a “Written application for membership of the RSPBA? – refer to registration form

    31.2. treat any individual who is (i) registered as a member of any Band registered
    with the Association; and (ii) registered as a player with the Association immediately
    prior to adoption of these Articles as a Band Member;
    (This clearly states that signing a registration form makes you a “Band Member” so
    the individual is a member? – contradicts article 11 !
    Article 17 states:-
    “ any individual, with Band Registration, who wishes to become a Band
    Member of the Company must sign, and lodge with the Company, a written
    application for membership”
    It is not stated on a registration form that you are automatically made a member of
    the RSPBA – neither does it have any wording requesting that you are applying to
    become a “Band Member of the RSPBA as required under article 17! Therefore
    article 31.2 is not compatible with article 11 and 17!)


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