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2 thoughts on “Term limits

  1. Perhaps a compromise to limit CONSECUTIVE terms might keep the willing experience base as well as introduce new thinking. Probably applies to much more than the piping scene…

  2. I’m not sure that term limits are all that necessary for volunteer positions. While you have very eloquently laid out the pros and cons of term limits, from personal experience I know that being involved in the decision making processes of a regional piping organization is very time intensive. Very. Also, one must be willing to put up with individuals who freely express to anyone who will listen how biased, unqualified, and dumb you are for even proposing anything that represents meaningful change. Even if the changes proposed have been vetted by and are supported by the vast majority of the membership. That’s the nature of the beast and I admire anyone willing to do this stuff voluntarily for any length of time. I stepped down – voluntarily – because I couldn’t do it anymore.


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