April 30, 2012

On the road with Pipes & Sticks on Route 66: Day 6

The group of world famous pipers and drummers who hit the road in early-April week on the “Pipes & Sticks on Route 66” tour have embarked on a one-of-a-kind journey, and members of the team have offered to provide pipes|drums Magazine readers with an exclusive travel log on the adventure. Drummers Mike Cole and Jim Kilpatrick and pipers Stuart Liddell, Angus MacColl and Willie McCallum are taking three weeks to traverse the old US Highway #66, playing recitals and conducting workshops along the way. Willie McCallum takes us through the end of Texas and onto New Mexico.


Day 6

By Willie McCallum

Started Friday the 13th of April in Lubbock, Texas. We are all happy with the concert the previous evening and were reflecting on the friendliness we encountered in Lubbock.

We are headed back onto Route 66 from Lubbock, which entails us moving northwest. The guys in Lubbock had said that that road only has “desolation” to see. We soon see what they mean, nothing for miles, except huge railway freight trains.




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