April 30, 2012

On the road with Pipes & Sticks on Route 66: Days 2 and 3


Nelson Harjo is a traditional flute maker and player. One of the  highlights for me was the playing of one of their  tunes from the  Muskogee “Creek” Tribe.  This was a beautiful sound and  was very heartfelt.


It was then our turn to show them the traditional ways of the bagpipe. Willie told them the story of “The Lament of the Children” and played the ground of the tune. It was easy to see many similarities  in both cultures. Nelson then presented us  with the flute he had played and we promised to send him a practice chanter from McCallum Bagpipes. Then we went round to have a go at firing a traditional black-powder rifle and a chance at  tomahawk throwing where Willie and Angus found  their new hobby.

Off to Tulsa now, to my knowledge,  the birthplace of the barbershop quartet. We are traveling in a Mercedes  Sprinter, which is basically a large mini-bus  equipped with nine  luxurious leather seats and wifi, which allows us to keep in touch with the world and listen to BBC Pipeline!




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