March 20, 2017

Bassani resigns from Pipe Bands Australia

Greg Bassani, who has served Pipe Bands Australia as Drumming Principal for more than 20 years, has submitted his resignation from the organization, citing the recent accounting scandal and the 2016 City of Whitehorse matter as his reasons for leaving.

In a message on the morning of March 21st to friends, Bassani said, “I have cited my disillusionment with the lack of effective and capable leadership of the Association as demonstrated through poor governance practices by the Committee undermining the Music Board, and some highly questionable decisions in the recent past. I have specifically mentioned what I believe was the mishandling of the City of Whitehorse Pipe Band issue as well as the recent catastrophic financial loss, which I believe was exacerbated by a failure to apply good governance practices. My belief in the above makes my continuation in Drumming Principal position [sic] untenable.”

+ Australian losses exceed $180k

+ City of Whitehorse breaks down

Bassani reportedly made a motion of no confidence at a recent Pipe Bands Australia meeting, and when the motion did not succeed it was suggested to him that he resign, following familiar protocol.

In addition to guiding the drumming teaching program with Pipe Bands Australia, Bassani is a well-respected and frequent adjudicator of pipe band and drumming competitions in Australia and New Zealand. He has been awarded the Order of Australia. Pipe Bands Australia also has a Piping Principal, currently held by Brett Tidswell. Those in the positions  . . .





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