March 11, 2022

California dreaming for Dr. Dick at Redding

Amateur competitor Linda Lindsay accepting prized from the judges at the 2022 Redding Competition. Lindsay won the piobaireachd and took second in her 6/8 march event. [© Patty Hood Photography]
San Francisco / The Internet – March 5-6, 2022 – Lachie Dick of Edinburgh was the overall prize-winner in the Open/Professional category at the eleventh annual Redding Solo Piping Competition, held online. Each contestant submitted performance videos that were assessed by judges over the weekend. The competition introduced an own-choice Open/Pro Medley event, with a “People’s Choice” award decided by the audience watching the performance videos, results of which did not go towards the overall prize. The competition is put on by the St. Florian Pipers Society.

Prize for each of the Open/Professional events were $150 for first, $100 for second and $50 for third, with the People’s Choice winner getting $100.

The amateur events were in-person, and aggregate winners were Grade 1: Abraham McCarty; Grade 2: Malachi Johansen; Grade 3: Brian Schwartzberg; Grade 4: Duncan MacLeod.

1st Lachie Dick
2nd Charlie Morris
3rd Mark Elliott
4th Tony Adkins
5th Stuart Robinson
Judge: Seumas Coyne

1st Stuart Robinson
2nd Lachie Dick
3rd Charlie Morris
4th Mark Elliott
5th Tony Adkins
Judge: Bruce Gandy

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Lachie Dick
2nd Charlie Morris
3rd Stuart Robinson
4th Tony Adkins
Judge: Jack Lee

1st Lachie Dick
2nd Tony Adkins
Judge: Bruce Gandy



Reflections and echoes of the Dr. Dan Reid Memorial Solo Piping Challenge-Recital




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