Capers at the World’s, your trews colours, and questions of every stripe

Published: October 6, 2013
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Dear Style Guy:

Having greatly enjoyed the World’s this year, I couldn’t help but be photographically attracted to the larger figure sporting Highland dress. I enclose photos of gentlemen wearing both the kilt and trews for your consideration. Is there a preference for the larger gent? I have to say I thought they both looked terribly smart – perhaps the key is the cut and fit of the clothing rather than the style? I would be interested in your opinion.



I sure hope you’re interested in my opinion, Ms. Julia! Otherwise, I would have to question your intelligence.

With obesity on the rise, this is going to be an expanding quandary, as it were. Sorry to say, but the kilt is a difficult thing to fit for the larger person. It’s a garment with not much shape, and works ideally with a lesser belly and bum.

And that’s why larger folks should take extra care and find a kiltmaker who knows how to handle things.


Both of the examples you provide are fairly well fitted, and quite flattering, although I would not classify these gents as overly large lads. The drum-major in the trews is particularly well-kitted-out.

And are trews acceptable? Of course! As I said in my last column, well-cut tartan trousers are classy and make a positive statement.

Besides, the “Highland” outfit of kilt, kilt-jacket, etc. is basically derived from the Scottish regiments, and what’s more military than trews? Do you have to be a soldier to wear trews? Absolutely not. Tartan trews are as much “Highland” dress as anything . . . except for maybe a Barbour coat and wellies.

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  1. Ericdrummer93

    Im sorry Style guy but boghall wears the hunting fraser not the ancient fraser. The ancient fraser was worn by SFU before changing to the Simon Fraser University tarten

  2. ThePipey

    You’re both right (and wrong), we wear the Ancient Hunting Fraser. Now, I’d better go check drone cord lengths, tie knot styles, length of flashes……. Ross W

  3. ThePipey

    You’re both right (and wrong), we wear the Ancient Hunting Fraser. Now, I’d better go check drone cord lengths, tie knot styles, length of flashes……. Ross W

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