Capers at the World’s, your trews colours, and questions of every stripe

Published: October 6, 2013
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Dear Style Guy:

Although I met your editor after the “Size Matters” debate outside the National Piping Centre in August, your good-self seemed to be incognito, and he wouldn’t be drawn as to in which clothes you were hiding.

My question is this: what were you (the epitome of sartorial vogue) wearing for this event? And what is appropriate clothing for visiting the World’s? It would seem to me that the rain cape was very popular on the first day! I enclose a photo to illustrate this.


Size-Doesn’t-Matter from Yorkshire

Pity me. I’m the epitome of pity. I must always stay under cover so as not to blow my cover.

And being ready to stay under cover is usually a good idea for a visit to the World Pipe Band Championships whether you’re a participant or a listener. And those who are just listeners are actually few and far between, not counting all those RSPBA peeps running about after their stay in a four-star Glasgow hotel.

This year at Glasgow Green those in the elements experienced all four seasons in two days. And that’s not unusual. So prepping attire can be impossible, unless you want to carry around a steamer trunk full of everything from tartan blankets to swimwear.

My advice: invest in a good ski “shell” with a hood and waterproof pockets. It’s lightweight and packable, and you can even tie it around your waist when the sun beats down between cloudbursts.

The only folk who should wear an Inverness cape are the players. Enthusiasts with these on come across as also-ran keeners.

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  1. Ericdrummer93

    Im sorry Style guy but boghall wears the hunting fraser not the ancient fraser. The ancient fraser was worn by SFU before changing to the Simon Fraser University tarten

  2. ThePipey

    You’re both right (and wrong), we wear the Ancient Hunting Fraser. Now, I’d better go check drone cord lengths, tie knot styles, length of flashes……. Ross W

  3. ThePipey

    You’re both right (and wrong), we wear the Ancient Hunting Fraser. Now, I’d better go check drone cord lengths, tie knot styles, length of flashes……. Ross W

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