April 28, 2022

City of Dunedin DC concert and workshop put on hold again

The once postponed Grade 1 City of Dunedin “Highland Roads” concert in the Washington, DC, area is being delayed again, after expenses tripled making the event unfeasible for both the venues and the band.

The concert and workshop had been planned for May 13-14 at the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Performing Arts Center in Alexandria, Virginia. The date of the original show was February 5th, but that event was pushed to May due to the uncertainties with the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, yes, we’ve had to put this project on hold for now,” said band spokesperson and lead-drummer Eric MacNeill. “While the hotel and concert venue initially were both very willing to work with us on the date change due to COVID concerns back in January, as we started to confirm details, we realized both the representatives at the concert hall and hotel we had been working with were both no longer working at their respective venues. This created a lag in communication.”

MacNeill said that once discussions restarted, it turned out that prices were set to triple in the hotel where the band was to stay and the workshop would be held.

‘The musical work to gear up for this show has been an excellent experience for everyone.’ – Eric MacNeill

“This put the trip as intended underwater financially,” MacNeill added. “We were faced with the prospect of needing to find a new hotel for the band to stay and host the workshop, and with the same band members working on this event also busy working on the upcoming Dunedin Highland Games at that stage, it was decided to put these plans in DC on hold for now. The band still sees it as a worthwhile project and hopefully one we will be able to revisit.”

All ticket-holders and workshop registrants have been issued full refunds.

City of Dunedin is treating things positively, saying that “the musical work to gear up for this show has been an excellent experience for everyone.”

The band is planning to travel to Glasgow to make its first appearance in Grade 1 at the World Pipe Band Championships, and was contacted about a possible concert/performance during the Piping Live! festival.






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