March 26, 2020

G1 Reeds comes up with solution for sanitary reeds

ESOL and G1 reeds.

Even though G1 Reeds of Kirkcaldy, Scotland, have temporarily closed their manufacturing shop, the company is continuing to monitor things from home.

In this time of coronavirus caution, though, the company has found a solution for keeping their products sanitary to give customers peace of mind.

Bagpipe reeds by G1 or any reputable maker are always tested individually by blowing them for quality control. There’s no effective way to do that, except by mouth.

Scientists have advised that the virus itself appears not to survive for more than four or five days on porous surfaces like cane and hemp. The majority of reed orders are delivered by post or courier, and if the recipient simply keeps them under a few day’s “quarantine” they should be safe.

But John Elliott of G1 said that his company found a solution to stay on the safe side.

“After testing and spraying all packaging, as well as wearing gloves, keeping surfaces clean, washing hands, separate towels once the paper towels ran out, separate rooms to work and eat, two metres distancing, all the government advice and then some, we have been treating our reeds with a product called ESOL,” Elliott said.

Made by a company based in Dunfermline, Scotland, near G1, Elliott said that the product is water-based and kills bacteria and viruses and has no effect on the sound of the reeds. “It’s amazing stuff. We are in full lock down now, but have been doing this since coronavirus came around, and

According to the manufacturer, “ESOL is produced by the electrolysis of ordinary tap water containing saline (salt). The electrolysis process produces two separate solutions from a double chambered ESOL cell; the positive chamber produces a solution containing a range of oxidisers and a small amount of hypochlorous acid. The negative chamber produces sodium hydroxide. The resulting ‘water’ from the positive chamber is ESOL, an effective disinfectant.”

Elliott said G1’s process before the company closed was:

  1. Cane preparation in different departments.
  2. Date the cane when fully prepped.
  3. Tie in the oldest cane first.
  4. Reedmakers make and test the reeds using ESOL instead of tap water. (Cane must be wet during the normal reedmaking process.)
  5. Disinfect and pack the reeds for dispatch.

With a hyper-awareness about hygiene and the potential transmission of viruses and germs, G1 Reeds took a proactive approach to safety for their customers both before and during the crisis, and will no doubt continue after things get back to a more normal state.

As with manufacturers of other piping and drumming products that might be closed down during the coronavirus crisis, there is a lot of G1 product for sale with dealers around the world.



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