November 09, 2022

Glenfiddich #9: for the record, a video conversation with the great Willie McCallum – Part 2

In Part 1 of our check-in with 2022 Glenfiddich Champion Willie McCallum, the great piper took us through his experience on the day of the contest, challenges, practice routines and other competition-specific items.

In Part 2, he takes things back to basics. It might be surprising to hear the 61-year-old super-piper admit to working on essential gracenote scales.For example, who would think that even after 40-plus years of competing at the highest levels, winning almost all there is to win along the way (often in multiples) that coordination and consistency of G, D and E gracenotes would still need hard graft to maintain sharpness?

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Willie McCallum. As always, stay tuned for more interviews and features in the coming days.

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