Kenton Adler wins Pick The Glenfiddich Five!

Published: November 10, 2016
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Congratulations to Kenton Adler of Batesville, Arkansas! His entry gained the most points to win our annual Pick The Glenfiddich Five contest, which attracted more than a thousand submissions.

For his canny prognosticating, Kenton receives fabulous prizes from R.G. Hardie & Co.with a combined value of almost $800!

  • A new 2016 RGH Blackwood Pipe Chanter (retail price £240)
  • The new Piper Deluxe Case (available pre-Christmas – retail price £95)

The contest encouraged pipes|drums readers to predict the top-five aggregate prize-list from the 2016 Glenfiddich Piping Championship in order, with three points for selecting the right placing and piper and one point for including a prize-winner but not in the right place. A winning entry also had to pick the Glenfiddich Champion.

The overall prize-list based on combined points and ties broken by higher placing in the Piobaireachd event was:

1st Roddy MacLeod (five overall points; first in piobaireachd)
2nd Bruce Gandy (five overall points, second in MSR, fifth in piobaireachd)
3rd Willie McCallum (five overall points, first in MSR)
4th Stuart Liddell (four overall points, second in piobaireachd)
5th Iain Speirs (four overall points, third in piobaireachd, fifth in MSR)

Maximum points in the Pick The Glenfiddich Five contest would be 15. No reader got the list exactly right, and Kenton Adler’s list gained a total of 11 points.

Congratulations to Kenton, and thanks to all readers who entered, and, of course, to R.G. Hardie for contributing the fabulous prizes.

Thank you also to the generous William Grant & Sons Foundation for putting on the world’s best solo piping competition. The whisky-buying piping and drumming world almost certainly prefers your products!


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