June 29, 2020

Krogh, Dawson win top prizes in second Peel Police online solos

Adam Blaine of San Jose, California, competing in the Grade 1 solo piping.

The Internet – June 27, 2020 – The second event in the Peel Regional Police Pipe Band’s four-contest season of live online solo competitions saw Teddy Krogh of Anchorage, Alaska, and Harvey Dawson of Ontario win the professional piping and snare drumming events, respectively. The events were held using Microsoft Teams, allowing interaction between players and judges, from submitting tunes to post-performance discussions. Competitors and judges did not have to wear “Highland dress,” though some elected to play with a kilt on. The next Peel Police competition will be on July 25th.

Solo Piping
1st Teddy Krogh
2nd Alastair Murray
3rd Michael Allegretti
4th John Bottomley
5th Sean Patrick Regan
6th Brad Davidson
Judge: Michael Grey

Grade 1 (Strathspey & Reel, 17 competed)
1st Liam MacDonald
2nd Justin Howland
3rd Kayleigh Johnstone
4th Colin Johnstone
5th Gillian Blaney
6th Mitchell Arnold
7th Adam Blaine
8th Rhys O’Higgins
Judges: Andrew Berthoff

Grade 2 (Strathspey & Reel, 17 competed)
1st Ellie Hastings
2nd Cameron Bonar
3rd Thomas McCollum
4th Andrew Hill
5th Mike Francis
6th J.D. Ingraham
7th Clara Allen
8th Nigel Smedmor
Judge: Andrew Berthoff

Grade 3
1st Logie Johnston
2nd Noah Yateman
3rd Archie Johnston
4th Bridget Englebretson
5th David Bradley
6th Janelle Bird
7th Reece Calovini
8th Elly Ciesinski
Judge: Michael Grey

Grade 4
1st Megan McElhinney
2nd Ethan Bailey
3rd John Doherty
4th Stella Jacoby
5th Ray Cai
6th Evan McConkey
7th Charles Samson
8th Heather Dunn
Judge: Glenna Mackay-Johnstone

Grade 5
1st Brian Sim-Little
2nd Shirley Park
3rd Noah Davies
4th Jennilyn Oster
5th Mike Conway
6th Ross McLennan
7th JR Arthur
8th Scott Duncan
Judge: Michael Grey

Solo Drumming (all judged by Craig Stewart)

1st Harvey Dawson
2nd Neil Birkett

Grade 1
1st Thomas Cuming
2nd Cole Chisholm

Grade 2
1st Connor Higgs
2nd Charles MacLeod

Grade 3
1st Matt White
2nd David Bradley

Grade 4
1st Ethan Higgs
2nd Gabriel Armstrong
3rd Christopher Murray
4th Erica Cheyne

Grade 5
1st Thoreyn Jorgenson
2nd Owen Yateman
3rd Duncan Fox

Tenor (all events judged by J. Alfred)
Grade 1
1st Andrea Jackson

Grade 2
1st Jacqueline Terence

Grade 3
1st Lindsay MacGregor

Grade 4
1st Rachel Hillock
2nd Char Yettaw

Grade 5
1st Kryianna Jorgenson
2nd Gale Walker

Bass (all events judged by J. Alfred)
Grade 2
1st Drew Ellis

Grade 3
1st Gale Walker
2nd Tommy Madigan

Grade 4
1st Mark Glassford



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