August 18, 2016

Mackay of Lewis wins Pick The Six!

Peter Mackay of the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, has emerged the winner of the 2016 pipes|drums Pick The Six competition!

Peter’s entry outlasted a tie-break random draw with multiple other entries that also got the first five prize-winners correct.

None of the several thousand entries managed to get the top-six Grade 1 World’s list in exact order, with Police Scotland Fife’s sixth prize adding surprising – and refreshing – element to the result. Twenty-six entries had the first five in order, and most of those chose either Simon Fraser University or Spirit of Scotland to finish sixth. Those two bands placed seventh and eighth, respectively.

For his amazing powers of pipe band prognostication, Peter Mackay receives a slew of prizes contributed by pipes|drums advertisers and pipes|drums itself.

Congratulations to Peter and thank you to our faithful readers for participating in our annual Pick The Six contest!

And thanks to our advertisers for their contributions and shrewd marketing prowess. Just take a look at what Peter will receive and click on each banner for more information!

BagpipeLessons.comA one-year membership to the Studio. Retail price: $315. A prize package including the Bagpipe Gauge, retail price: $130, and the brand-new, soon-to-be-released Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker. Retail price: $39.

Campbell Bagpipes one Campbell Tunable Band Chanter. Retail price $239.

Elixir Piping & Drumming the winner’s choice of any book from the company’s wide range of piping and drumming instructional materials. Retail price: $33.

John Walsh Bagpipes One Walsh GHB Plastic Blowpipe with a built in spit trap, including an oval mouthpiece. Retail price: $225.




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