July 31, 2020

Missing Maxville? Re-live the 2019 Grade 1 contest with our video playlist!



Dry your eyes.

Quit yer greetin, ya wee bearn.

We know you’re sad.

July 31st and August 1st would have been the biggest piping and drumming weekend the world has to offer. Two days of about 700 solo piping, drumming and pipe band performances and the almost-always baking field and arena that come alive with excitement.

The magnificent cacophony of sound from dozens of contests competing at once. The camaraderie revived as friendships renew. The familiar comfort of those old wooden stands (please, no smoking . . .). Those crazy re-enactment dudes with their noon muskets firing, making mid-competing pipers and drummers jump out of their brogues.

The World’s is, well, the World’s. But Maxville is something even better. We miss it all. But you can maybe gain comfort by revisiting the 2019 Grade 1 competition, when City of Dunedin lifted the North American Championship – the first time since the 1960s that a band from the USA captured the biggest prize this side of Glasgow Green.

Maxville. Hope to see you in 2021!

Click for the full 2019 Maxville Grade 1 playlist.



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