March 13, 2021

Murray Henderson launches new ‘Piobaireachd Studio’ service

Murray Henderson performing at the 2016 Piping Live! festival. [Photo pipes|drums]
He is the only piper in history to have won a Northern Meeting Clasp in four different decades, and today Murray Henderson of Kirriemuir, Scotland, has launched the “Piobaireachd Studio,” a service that allows pipers to access his prodigious knowledge of the big music of the Highland pipe that he has accumulated over his lifetime.

Henderson has been working on the project for months, decades if you consider that he started his tuition with Robert Brown and Robert Nicol – the Bobs of Balmoral – in the 1970s as a teenaged immigrant to Scotland from his native New Zealand.

Piobaireachd Studio includes video presentations and audio recordings on the pipes for download via the e-commerce site.

I am covering all key areas in detail, so the viewer will get an inside look into the way I present tunes and my explanation behind the delivery.

“Since retiring from competitive piping in 2012, and with lots of encouragement from family, friends and students, I have been planning how to approach this venture,” Henderson responded when asked about the venture. “Having tried various different approaches, I have chosen video format to enable me to talk and demonstrate my understanding of piobaireachd. I am aware and respectful of different interpretations – this is simply my perspective when playing or teaching.

The Piobaireachd Studio homepage.

“I am covering all key areas in detail, so the viewer will get an inside look into the way I present tunes and my explanation behind the delivery. Video clips are split into variations which are numbered and labelled to make finding specific parts of any tune quick and easy.”

Piobaireachd Studio will start with a release of 10 tunes that, Henderson said, “cover a wide spectrum, from ‘The Company’s Lament’ to ‘Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar.’ There will be material for players of all levels.”

The Piobaireachd Studio will offer three packages: video only; audio only; or both audio and video combined.

“My aim is to take the piper on a musical journey that will be comprehensive, concise, and enjoyable,” he added.

Murray Henderson is one of history’s greatest solo pipers. In addition to his six Clasps at Inverness, he’s been awarded the Bratach Gorm six times, the Glenfiddich Championship four times, and the Silver Chanter three times. He has worked as a full-time reed and bagpipe maker since his early twenties, and was elected to the Scots Trad Music Hall of Fame in 2016.

Murray Henderson in his final competition performance after a career spanning 50 years, the 2012 Glenfiddich Championship.



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