March 18, 2020

New Boderiou album to come out just in time

Pipers and drummers stuck at home can take a welcome respite with a new album by Breton piper Xavier Boderiou coming out on March 25th on CD, iTunes, Amazon Music and most major music streaming platforms.

Called Liamm, Boderiou said he’s been working on the recording for several years, and that he believes it’s the first piping album in more than a decade to gather Scottish, Irish and Breton music.

Like Morenn and A UNAN, his previous albums, Liamm brings in Sylvain Barou and Antoine Lahay, and is piping focused, but with flutes and multiple guitars, as well as duduk, bansuri flutes and Breton biniou.

“Liam” means “connection” or “links” in the traditional Breton dialect.

“The connections are multiple: the interweaving of instruments, sounds and harmonics, but also of Breton, Irish and Scottish music,” Boderiou said. “The album highlights the Highland bagpipe in its specific context in Brittany, at the crossroads of repertoires, history and stories.”

He said the compositions on the album are composed by Boderiou, but, he said, “We’d like to think that these would sound like 200 year-old tunes that would have been given a special experimental/jazz/modern traditional music treatment.”

The project was recorded at Boderiou’s home in Brittany, where he also runs a successful bagpipe and reed-making business.

Xavier Boderiou has been a member of Bagad Cap Caval since 2000, and has played with Grade 1 Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia and Simon Fraser University, and is probably the most successful solo piper from Brittany in Scottish competitions.

Readers can check out a teaser video from Liamm here.



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