June 25, 2018

North Stratton evens the score at Ellerslie

North Stratton on their way to a win at Ellerslie.

Ellerslie, Alberta – June 24, 2018 – Contrasting the previous day at Red Deer, competitors and spectators welcomed the warm, sunny day at the annual Ellerslie Highland Games. It was already 23C by 9am, and warmed up to near 30C by the time bands were playing in the afternoon. The Grade 2 “Battle of Alberta” proved to be just that, with the medley contest being broken on ensemble preference with North Stratton edging out Rocky Mountain for the win. Zephal Knichel won the Professional Piper of the Day for the second straight day, and the Professional Drumming aggregate trophy went to Andrew Miller.

+ Red Deer goes to Rocky

Grade 2 (Medley)
1st North Stratton (ens.pref.) (2,1,2,1)
2nd Rocky Mountain (1,2,1,2)

Grade 4 (Medley)
1st Edmonton & District

Grade 5 (Quick Marches Medley)
1st Ogden Legion
2nd Clan McNaughton
3rd Grande Prairie & District
4th Edmonton Youth

Judges for all band events: Sean McKeown, Dave Hicks (piping); Aaron Carter (drumming); Alex MacIntyre (ensemble).

Professional Piping
1st Zephan Knickel
2nd Ross Barker
3rd Robyn Gray
Judge: Dave Hicks

1st Gordon Conn
2nd Zephan Knichel
3rd Stewart Smith
Judge: Sean McKeown

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Stewart Smith
2nd Zephan Knichel
3rd Gordon Conn
Judge: Alex MacIntyre

Professional Snare Drumming
1st Andrew Miller
2nd Elizabeth Shaw
Judge: Aaron Carter

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Andrew Miller
2nd Elizabeth Shaw
Judge: Peter Hendrickson

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