January 31, 2011

pipes|drums’ 2010 New Year’s Honours

Solo Competition Piper of the Year

Faye Henderson – while young Henderson may not have had the overall competition success of many others, her singular, historic accomplishment at the Argyllshire Gathering as the first female to win a Gold Medal vaunted her to the top from our panelists. She was a near-unanimous choice as pipes|drums’ Solo Competition Piper of the Year.

Panelists’ comments:

“Faye’s accomplishment of winning the Gold Medal on her first attempt at age 18 is enough, but to have topped that with a second in the Bratach Gorm is truly remarkable.” “Faye is studying at Aberdeen University, normally a time to let piping take a back seat, but she has on the contrary emerged as one of the most successful and consistent pipers on the circuit – a testament to her abundant talent and work ethic.”

“For all the obvious reasons but more for the fact that she’s just a normal, down to earth young person who has had an amazing year proving that girls can do anything.”

“A no-brainer really.”

“Not only are Faye’s accomplishments to be admired by all pipers, she is now and forever a beacon of hope and inspiration to young pipers and in particular, female pipers.”

“Faye’s Gold Medal at Oban is an indicator that the tides of piping politics are finally shifting and I hope she seizes the opportunity to continue blazing a path in the years to come. We may be a reserved bunch, Faye, but you have many, many supporters behind you and looking out for you.”

Also considered (in alphabetical order – see above for details):

Jack Lee

Stuart Liddell

Angus MacColl

Gordon Walker




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