September 03, 2020

R.G. Hardie introduces new Sinclair-developed products (video)

If Peter Henderson and Bob Hardie were alive today, they no doubt be amazed with what the current R.G. Hardie & Co. is doing with technology to create new products with recently appointed “Champion” Connor Sinclair.

The new R.G. Hardie B-flat Infinity Chanter designed with Connor Sinclair.

The company has developed a new B-flat Infinity pipe chanter with Sinclair, an instrument designed to perform more easily at a lower pitch with other musicians. Complete with small air holes to be easier on the hands on the piper playing for long periods of time, the chanter goes along with new “Drone Extenders” that enable pipers to flatten the pitch of their drones without having to change reeds or instruments.

The products simply elongate the drone to lower the pitch without a degradation of sound quality.

R.G. Hardie Drone Extenders made with 3D printing.

The Drone Extenders are manufactured using 3D printing, a technology that the company has been using for a few years, mainly for its custom cap badge design and manufacturing business.

Rather than outsourcing, the company invested in its own 3D printers, which are loaded with materials and work automatically overnight to manufacture products.

Drone Extenders with reeds in the drones.

The company has also introduced a new interactive Bagpipe Buyer’s Guide, created with Connor Sinclair and fellow Hardie Champion Callum Beaumont.

“The Buyer’s Guide will help pipers choose the right options to make piping easier and more enjoyable to start,” said Alastair Dunn, head of R.G. Hardie & Co, who stressed that now is a particularly tough time for new pipers, especially, to know what to get.

pipes|drums caught up with Dunn and Sinclair for a brief conversation about the new products and life as a piping and pipe band business during very challenging times.



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