September 03, 2019

Rocky Mountain summits Canmore

Rocky Mountain competing at the scenic Canmore Highland Games in Alberta.

Canmore, Alberta – September 1, 2019 – Despite dire weather forecasts for the games, the day turned out to be sunny and seasonably warm, making for a brilliant day at perhaps the most scenic games field in the world. Rocky Mountain won Grade 2, where one different placing from a judge could have had any of the three bands winning the event. North Stratton, which won at the Calgary games the days before, fielded six pipers and seven snare drummers, winning both drumming and ensemble.

The Open Piper of the Day was Stewart Smith and Open Drummer of the Day was Elizabeth Shaw, both of Calgary. Bass Drummer of the Day was Fraser Gandy.

The Canmore Games have made a strong comeback after dissolving in 2016, only to be resurrected successfully by a new management group.

Grade 2 (medley)
1st Rocky Mountain (1,1,2,3)
2nd North Stratton (3,3,1,1)
3rd City of Regina (2,2,3,2)

Grade 3 (MSR)
1st Calgary Police
2nd Kamloops

Grade 4 (medley)
1st Edmonton & District
2nd Kamloops

Grade 5 (QMM)
1st Ogden Legion

Judges for all events were Dave Hicks, Michael Grey (piping); Reid Maxwell (drumming); John Fisher (ensemble).


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