January 05, 2024

StarBox: Callum Beaumont lists Every. Single. Thing. in his pipe case

Some years ago, before the age of the internet and maybe even the era of gizmos and geegaws, we came up with a popular feature named “StarBox,” where we’d ask famous players worldwide to list the contents of their carrying case.

Not just the basics – everything.

From drones to Dremels, chanters to chewing gum, canisters to cans of Coke . . . the condition was that they had to open their case on any given day and list every single item of whatever that was in it.

No exceptions.

Callum Beaumont with the 2023 Glenfiddich Championship trophy. [Derek Maxwell]
It was a popular feature that we were recently reminded of, so we thought we’d bring it back as a regular feature.

So, there’s no better person to restart StarBox than the 2023 pipes|drums Competition Piper of the Year and reigning Glenfiddich Champion, Callum Beaumont.

The St. Andrew’s, Scotland-based Beaumont is on top of the world. Only 34 years old, he’s already won the Clasp at the Northern Meeting five times, and year after year, he proves himself one of the world’s most consistent competitive pipers in both piobaireachd, light music and bands.

As a piping instructor at Dollar Academy, Beaumont also leads the school’s Novice A pipe band, the feeder group for this year’s Juvenile World Champions. In fact, under Pipe-Major Matt Wilson, the Juvenile band won all of the RSPBA’s four championships last year for an elusive grand slam. Dollar Academy’s Novice B band is run by Connor Sinclair.

Alrighty then. Just in case, let’s see what the great Callum Beaumont’s packing for the first reinstalment of our exclusive StarBox feature.

Callum Beaumont, January 2024

– Peter Henderson Heritage silver bagpipes.

– Two blackwood pipe chanters with Chesney reeds and Tone Protectors with foam wraps to protect the wood.

Infinity pipe chanter with silver sole. Chesney reed and Tone Protector.

R.G. Hardie Thistle Heritage blackwood practice chanter.

Deluxe R.G. Hardie pipe case.

– Two spare Dri-Flow moisture systems by Bannatyne.

– One spare complete set of Ezeedrone reeds.

– Two Ezeedrone bass drone reeds.

– Spare Tone Protector.

– 10 Chesney pipe chanter reeds.

– Canmore pipe bag.

– Weather resistant R.G. Hardie bag cover.

– Zoom recording device with stand.

– Spare silicone gels for the moisture control system.

– Hand warmers.


– Black chanter tape.

– Two knives.

– Carving tool.

– Earplugs.

– Screwdriver

– Spare jubilee clip for chanter stock.

– Two Vaseline tubes.

– Two spare packs for Tone Protector.

– Electronic chanter.

– Brushes for drones.

– Pen.

– 2023 Glenfiddich program.

– Six zip-ties for cords.

Our thanks to Callum Beaumont for taking the time and the pics to share what’s in his case.

If you haven’t already (and feel free to do it again if you have), be sure to check out our recent conversation with Callum Beaumont.

Stay tuned to pipes|drums for future StarBox features from the world’s best players!






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